Assumption College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are all very friendly and it really is like we are one big family. No matter where you go, someone is there to help and it is really easy to make friends with the people on campus. It has a true community feel and I can say from hearing about other school's Assumption's students are closer than most.


My classmates are friendly, diligent, and proactive individuals.


My classmates are extremely encouraging, demanding, competitive, and are all equally hard workers.


My classmates are friendly, involved and outgoing


Contrary to the steriotypical images that the media shows college students to be, I find my classmates to be anything but the stereotypes. They are charismatic and smart, full of innovative ideas and willing to contribute to class discussion.


Each and every one of my classmates is eager to grow both intellectually and as a human being.


When you're in a classroom as Assumption you feel unified with your classmates, everyone is determined and focused on learning and interpreting new things and eager to help one another to reach the common goal of continuing to excel in their field of study.


My classmates are like all other teenagers; what seperates them is their insightfulness and commitment to getting the grades they know they deserve.


My classmates are enthusiatic, intelligent, hard-working, involved, friendly, and out spoken.


My classmates are interactive and give differerent outlooks


Many students appear to look and dress similarly, people are generally from New England.


My classmates are extremely respectful to my teachers and to myself, they are smart and are always there for me if I am ever struggling in class or need help on a homework assignment.


All of my classmates I have met are more than just a student behind a desk, but rather, they are involved individuals, participating in various activities outside of the classroom in order to find one's niche within the tight-knit Assumption community.


Most are engaged in school related activities and sports.


My classmates are welcoming, intellectual, and privledged.


I love my classmates. It is great to get to know them on a more personal level then just knowing someone as the person who sits next to you in a specific classroom


All of my classmates are respectful of me and everyone else in the class.


Some classmates are outgoing and friendly. I find it much more difficult to meet friends when being a commuter. Wen you live on campus it is easier but the dorm floors are seperated by sex, which makes it difficult to meet different people on different floors or buildings if you are not outgoing.


My classmates are very friendly toward other students, and most are very focused on their future careers; however, others do not take their work very seriously.


My classmates are friendly people that are sociable.


Helpful and friendly.


A white rich preppy boy/girl from the burbs.


My classmates are determined, enthusiastic and fun to be with.


My classmates are eager to learn.


The students at Assumption are the best part of the whole school. The kids who come here are some of the nicest people I have ever met. There is truly no one I hate or dislike. It is also a small enough school where you are walking around campus and seeing familiar faces. When ever I'm walking to class or to get something to eat there is a good chance that I will see someone I know. The students here are also really accepting. We get along with anyone and everyone. We try to include as many people as possible in our activities and we never leave anyone out for whatever reason. This is even shown in the dining hall. Everyday you see different types of kids sitting together getting along just fine. Most of our students are from the New England area with a couple from the western part of the US. That being said, it is usually hard for those students to get home over the short breaks we have. Our students here offer to take these kids home and welcome them into their family for the weekend so they feel like they have somewhere to stay. We really strive to be the best we can be here at Assumption. It definitely shows with our students. Our students are the best!


Friendly, supportive, helpful, encouraging.


Easy to get along with, friendly, funny, makes the learning environment easier.


Talented, caring people, who work to their amazing full potential every day.


Conservative, closed minded.