Assumption College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Assumption College is best known for its small class size and its student-professor relationships formed as a cause of these small classes. Because there are less in a class and no lecture classes, students get more hand on learning and special attention from professors who genuinely care about their students’ success in and out of the classroom.


Assumption College is best known for being a liberal arts college, but at the same time has alot of different majors that are connected to masters programs at different schools. In my case, I am in the Optometry program and with Assumption College being associated with the Boston School of Optometry, I will only have to be at Assumption College for three years and trasfre to my specified major for four.


Assumption College is best known its emphasis on the Humanities and Liberal Arts as well as a strong Catholic foundation.


Assumption College emphasizes personal spiritual growth regardless of a student’s religion. They have more than 70 clubs and organizations. Assumption College is also know for its low tuition and its Bachelor of Arts degrees in its undergraduate program, Master of Arts and Masters of Business Administration degrees in its Graduate program, and Associate's degree through its Continuing Education program and more.


My school is best known as being a small Catholic College in Worcester. Among the several colleges in the surrounding area, there are many close by, Assumption is the school that has a little bit of everything. It is not considered the most competitive school to get into, the school with the strongest emphasis on science and technology, the most Catholic, or the biggest "party school." The great part is Assumption has a bit of each of these things which attracts a dynamic student body!


For religion.


Assumption College is best known for its sense of community and liberal arts education. There is a lot on campus to be involved in and all the students have a sense of Hound pride that keeps you coming back years after you graduate. The education you recieve and the people you meet along the way at Assumption stays with you forever.


They are best known for their known for their academics and how they are involved with their community.


Assumption College is best known for the community atmosphere on campus. There is a great variety of people and activities for anyone to fit in and find their best place at the school. My school is also known for the liberal arts curriculum for all students. It provides a broad spectrum of knowledge over many useful subjects that students would otherwise not take. Those general courses will definitely be useful in the real world. Also, the general courses aids the students that do not immediately know what they want their major to be, like me, for instance.


My school is best known for the sense of security that students get when they are at college. The staff and everyone is so welcoming to incoming freshman that it feels like home right from the start. We also are known to be a religious college and take great pride in it. My college has a diversity of students which helps you prepare for the world ahead of us that we will face.