Assumption College Top Questions

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Assumption, like many New England liberal arts schools is highly expensive. One thing they do that is different from other colleges is that there is fixed tuition so your cot to attend will not increase each year you are here.


Though this school is extremely small, we are like one big family and I mean that. You gain a few friends that become your brothers and sisters and the bonds made aree incredibly strong and I mean that. The school is always willing to help struggling students and we are always having different activites so no one will ever feel left out.


Assumption is in a consortium with 12 other schools in the same city; it allows a student to take a course in any of the schools for the same tuition price.


What is unique about assumption college are the lots of sciencie majors we can choose from and all the science program they offer. Their labs and classes are very helpful and proffesional. Also the financial aid to go there was good and it is close to my house. Another thing Assumption College has is their different activities to get involved and different opportunities to play sports.


At Assumption College there is a strong sense of community mirrored in every aspect you find yourself. With the number of undergraduates, a little over 2000, one will see familiar faces at every turn while still enjoying the diversity of race, religion and personalities. This allows everyone to come together and build fundamental relationships with peers and professors. Everyone proved their loyalty to each other during the Marathon Bombing in Boston. Taking place so close to our home, the tradegy brought everyone even closer. That is something that just doesn't happen at any school.


Assumption is very devoted to service more so than other schools I applied to. I was very attrached to their desire to serve those in need in the community. I recently served the people in Staten Island who were heavily affected by Hurricane Sandy. Assumption was also the most friendly and welcoming out of any school I applied to. I felt I was the most wanted at Assumption. They also had the strongest science program and would prepare us the best.




professors are really interested in their students


I love the small class sizes and how the teacher gets to know each student and they are not a number.


My school is unique due to it's family like atomosphere. It makes me feel at home and made the transition easier. I have also been able to get a new form of learning. With it's average size it's easier to have one on one talks with professors. I feel that I am able to better myself at Assumption and that I feel comfortable.


The outreach and religious community is very involved in our daily life however the religious aspsect is not shoved down anyone's throat and everyone is accpeted at Assumption.


Assumption College offers small classroom sizes so students are able to easily make new friends and receive the help they need. Our Catholic campus provides a chapel for students and faculty but is also open for the outside community as well. Sometimes during finals week Assumption has puppies come in for students to play with to help students de-stress.


Worcester is a college town. I've been to other schools with only one college in it. There is never anything open late on the weekends off campus or anything to really do off campus. Worcester is also the second largest city in MA so there is always cool places to go and usually shuttles on the weekend to take you there.


I believe what is unique about Assumption College is the size of the school. Although at times it seems too small, I believe that this is sometimes what is needed. It gives you the sense of family and of knowing most people you are surrounded with. Once you get used to the size and find your place, you are apart of the community; you feel like you are at home.


It has easy access to the city for fun activities but the campus itself is quiet and surrounded by woods and nice neighborhoods rather than buildings and loud noises. It is a small school, so everybody knows each other and I never like a small fish in a big sea.


Assumption has a dedicated staff in each field of studies. As a double major student, I have had the opportunity to work with these wonderful people to help me get my 4 year plan together. But they also are their for many other reasons outside of the classroom. I have had my life changed in the most positive way due to my sincere friendship with my chemistry professor from first semester.


A unique feature about Assumption compared to other schools I considered is that Assumption has a much stronger sense of pride and school spirit. Since Assumption is a very small college it is generally a very welcoming and proud place. People are always seen in Assumption apparel, at sporting events, giving tours and recommending the school to others. From my experience, Assumption is a family like environment.


It is really small and compared to other schools, there are no frats, sororities, or lecture halls on campus. Definitely a plus.


My school is enormously friendly and welcoming. Not only to prospective students, but to attending students as well.