Assumption College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular student activities are the athletics. Many students are athletes and the non-athletes are always at the games no matter what sport it is.


Honestly, there are so many clubs and activities at Assumption, and such a wide variety of them, that I do not think there is necessarily a most popular one. There are clubs for academics, the visual and performing arts, honors societies, media publications, politics and government, volunteering, athletics, and spirituality. As for myself, I am involved in numerous groups and activities on campus. I am on the Assumption College Dance Team, the student theatre club Merely Players, Assumption Disability Awareness Promotion Team (A.D.A.P.T.), and in the Honors Program. In the past, I have also been a part of the Latin Dance Club, Peers Advocating Wellness for Students (PAWS), and I was in last year’s spring musical Children of Eden. Besides all the different clubs that are offered at Assumption, there are numerous events and traditions that occur on campus. There are sporting events such as football and basketball games, Family Weekend, Siblings Weekend, the annual Spring Concert, the Winter and Spring Balls for juniors and seniors, and many Bingo nights throughout the year. There are also trips off campus, comedians and musicians that come to Assumption to display their talents, and showings of popular movies. If one weekend you do want to get off campus, there is a shuttle system called the WOO Bus that takes Assumption students, as well as students of other colleges in Worcester, to various places in and around the city. These places include Shrewsbury Street, which plays host to some of Worcester’s best restaurants and night life, The Shoppes at Blackstone Valley, and Solomon Pond Mall. As you can see, it is extremely difficult to be bored when you attend Assumption College.