Assumption College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Assumption is a very small college; this can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Because of it's size you come to know many students and faculty. But at the same time, there isn't much diversity among the student population.


The worst thing about my school would be the lack of community service opportunities and community service leadership opportunities. Although we have a decent size of options for community service, there could be so many more opportunities in Worcester and there would be many students who would love to head the new community service groups. However, with a small school, means the community service leaders have to take on multiple groups rather than split it up among the entire student body.


the size, it is like one big family so everyone is always in everyones business.


The lack of school spirit and pride, its disheartening


The worst thing about my school is the cost. It is very expensive to attend Assumption College. This is creating a hardship on myself and other students. If the cost of attending this college was less, I would not be as stressed.


Well, Freshman will tranfer to a different school because they think Assumption is not right for them. Most of my new friend are leaving Asumption because they think AC do not fit for them.


I dont consider anything about my school to have a bad aspect. They provide many programs for the students and encourage alot of community service and other cross cultural programs. I would love this school because there will never be a moment where we arent encouraged to reach out and do something that would help us grow in character and a good person in general.


The worst thing about assumption is the scheduling of classes. Being small it is hard sometimes to get into classes. Professors have been good about overfill forms for myself though.


The worst thing about my school is that it is so focused on sports (basketball and football). I mean, we might not even have a musical production this year and if that happens I am going to be completely crushed.


The worst thing about school for me is that it is so close to my high school and home. Also because it is in a residential area there is not much to do as a freshman without a car.


I would have to say the costs of my school. Unfortunately, tuition has increased each year. I personally believe the school charges too much for housing, especially since some of these upper classmen apartments are old & in need of repairs. Assumption offers different meal plans, but even the cheapest plan (which is still a little pricey) ends up providing much more meals than a student can handle. I personally had this meal plan last year and found myself at the end of the year with $43 worth of food left (they don't transfer to next year).


Although I find the school to be a perfect size for me, I can understand why people have a difficult time with the small campus. If students do not involve themselves in other activities then it can be difficult to meet different groups of people; however, if students do branch out the campus seems a lot bigger with multiple groups of people.


How conservative the school is. Wish they were more open to different ideas and/or activities. I enjoy the small community, but at the same time it can be a downfall. Could be considered similar to high school drama. The Campus Police is also very strict and sometimes do not treat us like adults but as children.


It is a bit difficult for commuters to get involved on campus. It isn't impossible, but I was a transfer and the first semester was a bit rough finding activites and clubs I could be a part of.


The worst part about my school is that if you are not part of certain clubs and extracurricular activities on the campus, then you are almost shut out because it is very much a bunch of cliches.


The alcohol consumption on campus. We dont get into much publicized trouble but, it is sad to see such students when they get thier hands on some.


The worst thing about my school is probably the dorm furniture. It is impossible to move and doesn't have a lot of space.


To be honest, I love this school so I really had to pick the worst thing about it, I would probably pick the weather. The weather is usually pretty cold and when it snows, which it does often, the roads and sidewalks aren't always cleared in time to get to class.


I think that the worst thing about my school is the fact that some of the upperclassmen housing is in worse condition then the freshman housing. I currently live in a quad in upperclassmen housing and the furnature is not nice. The closet wood is chipping the walls are chipped with paint and the blinds are so old.


The dining hall is the only thing that comes to mind because I pretty much love everything about it. The food is great, but the hours the dining hall operates by are very odd and out of place. For instance, lunch ends at 3 p.m. and doesn't open for dinner until 4:30, and until then there is nothing to eat there. This is so weird to me, because there should be food there all the time I feel and students shouldn't have to wait.


The people are not accepting of new things or different cultures and backgrounds. They are very conservative and closed minded.


The worst thing about Assumption is that it is a small school so getting incredibly good entertainment like a lot of colleges get is limited. We do have one big spring concert a year, however.


The worst thing about Assumption College is its overwhelming lack of diversity in terms of the student body. When everyone comes from similiar backgrounds, the entire campus becomes eerily homogeneous .