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Assumption is a great school with an amazing community and a very home-like feel. Everyone on campus is extremely friendly and the size is perfect so you see someone you know everywhere you go. I could not have picked a better fit school for me.


Assumption College is absolutely amazing! I love every little part about it whether it is the professors or the school spirit we have. We have the nicest students and the smartest professors here on campus. The faculty are always around to help, whether it be in their office or even if they are just walking around campus. They know your name usually by the second day of class because they want to. They want to get that face to name recognition so they are able to know you as a person. Even though Assumption is a small school, containing 2,500 undergrads, it feels bigger than that. Our campus is about one mile all around and it is set on 185 acres of land. For me it was the perfect size. Our regular class sizes are 25 students and we never have more than 40 students per class. I knew I wanted a smaller school without crazy lecture halls with 300 students in them and Assumption only has three lecture halls which has about 30 students in them per class! When I tell people that I go to Assumption College their first reaction is usually "I've heard great things about Assumption? Do you love it?" and my answer is always yes! It is an awesome place which I never want to leave.


I absolutely love Assumption College! It was actually one of the very first colleges I looked at when I was a junior in high school, and I knew right away that this was a special school. Without realizing it, I had kept Assumption in the back of my mind as I was exploring other colleges. Needless to say, it had become my first-choice school. One of the reasons why I became so drawn to Assumption is because of its small-school environment. As of the fall 2010 semester, there were 2,018 students enrolled at this school, which means that the average number of students in each course is about twenty. This was extremely important to me because I work and perform better in small classrooms where the professors give individual attention to students if they need it. If you would rather be in a classroom not much bigger than the ones in your high school instead of large lecture halls, then Assumption would be a great option to keep in mind. Another reason why I am so passionate about this college is because of the reaction I receive when I tell others what school I go to. This reaction is usually something along the lines of, “Oh, Assumption is such a great school! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it. You must be really enjoying yourself and learning so much up there.” Even when I was just applying to Assumption, I generally got this same response from whomever I told. To know that this school is so well-known and respected by such a large number of people was another deciding factor for me in choosing to attend Assumption. A third reason why I enjoy this college is because of the quality of the administration there. The professors are well-informed about their subjects, and they are always willing to answer any questions you might have. Assumption also has a Dean of Undergraduate Studies who is very helpful and gives great advice, as well as a wonderful president who really keeps the school on track and organized. The small-school environment, the reactions of other people to the college, and the quality administration are the three reasons why I am proud to call myself an Assumption student.