Assumption College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is equally concerned with their studies as with fun


Friendly, active people who want to focus on Liberal Arts, Business or Science.


A person with ambition and a will to help others would fit the perfect description of a student that would attend Assumption. Everything that goes on in the school encourages a student to have a desire to create a a version of themsleves that exceeds their expectations. When I first walked into the school, every student I saw conveyed a good sense of character which I think is the most imoportant thing to have.


From the first time that I visited Assumption, I felt comfortable here. At first I was not sure exactly what about Assumption attracted me, but after attending for two years, I believe that it is the friendly atmosphere that was appealing. Everyone including other students, professors, buildings and grounds employees, librarians, campus police, residential life employees and cafeteria workers are friendly. People genuinely care about you at Assumption. Students are not simply numbers in a computer, they are individuals. Assumption is a good fit for people who care about being recognized as an individual in a friendly environment.


Someone who wants the chance to succeed academically but can tolerate a party atmosphere.


A liberal person who is looking to expand his/her horizons. There are all kinds of groups of people based on the high school stereotypes so everybody can find their own niche. Students who are looking for challenging but manageable school work would also love Assumption. The professors are very helpful, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. Assumption is the perfect school for the student who is looking to become a better, overall person.


Someone who doesn't mind a small college, similar to a high school atmosphere.


A person who is looking to attend Assumption College has to be both eager & motivated. The workload is big, and students are challenged with daily assignments. The material is not easy, but a student who is willing to work hard & communicate with professors and fellow students will find this work manageable. This person should not only be social within the classroom but outside of the classroom as well. Assumption is a small campus, but a variety of clubs & activities are available in which students are encouraged to join/attend. Being involved on campus definitely improves your college experience!


I truely believe any type of student could fit in at this school. But it should be somebody deticated who does not just want to goof off and has a future goal they are trying to reach.


Preppy white upperclass


anyone can attend as long as they are serious and willing to work hard towards their future.


A student who is open minded, tries hard in school, likes to learn, and who likes to try hard in every aspect they do.


Anyone willing to become a man or woman of character should attend Assumption.


A student who takes academics seriously and is looking to be involved in a close scholastic community.


Someone who should attend this school is someone who is goal-oriented. A lot of the professors and other faculty members are there when you need them at any time. They make sure you do your work all the time and their office hours are very flexible. Someone who is very socialable as well would be good for the school because you meet a lot of new people who are willing to be friends with you fairly quickly.


A white rich preppy boy/girl from the burbs.


Determined, ambitious, hard working individual. Positive, friendly, outgoing, and willing to learn.


The perfect person to attend this school is someone who enjoys smaller classes where you can get to know your professor on a personal level. This small community is not overwhelmingly small; it is the perfect size for anyone who does not want to get lost in the larger college community. Students at Assumption are nice, friendly students who enjoy being involved within in their college and community.


To attend Assumption College, you need to be the kind of person who is willing to adapt to the personable environment it presents. Some people prefer the anonymity of larger schools where the professors may not know who you are. But at Assumption, the majority of your professor know you, and thus, you need to act accordingly by not doing things like skipping class. You also need to be friendly enough to be around people almost all the time. Being such a small school, it is almost impossible to not be in contact with others.


Since this college is a Catholic based liberal arts school, most of the students here are of the Catholic faith. I believe that a person who has had a high school which is college oriented would do very well here. It certainly helps to be friendly and outgoing because most of the students, as well as the professors are that way. I think that if you are looking for a very good liberal arts education, Assumption College should be your choice. There are numerous opportunities here to succeed in whatever field in which you plan to have a career.


Someone who wants to reap the benefits of a religious and community-centered environment should attend this school.


anybody who doesnt mind not having frats


White middle upper class who wants a liberal arts education.