Assumption College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating part about the school is that it is small and some weekends there is not much going around. This means that one would have to spend money going to other places and some students (myself included) do not have enough money to do so.


The most frustrating thing about Assumption is that there is no Greek Life.


There does not seem to be a large amount of diversity- a lot of the school is focused on athletics and there is not a strong theater department with diversity. There is no major in theater.


With such small class sizes, students often find themselves struggling to find room in classes for themselves that they would like to take.




The most frustrating thing about my school is its religious affiliation, especially in its requirements of two Theology courses.


Sometimes I feel that all the money we pay to go there is being put towards unnecessary things while the things that we need more are suffering.


The most frustrating thing about Assumption is probably the internet. I have literally no complaints about Assumption at all except that the internet here is horrible. Aside from that it is the best place around!


The campus police security because even though I love the feeling of knowing I am always safe, the police can be very suffocating. College kids need to make mistakes and learn from them, expecially with drug use. Since the Assumption campus police are so strict the kids rebel and create even more problems than there should be. College is the place that not only allows us to create a new path in our life but also enjoy our time with friends before we all enter the real workplace world.


The most frustrating thing about Assumption is that at times it can be very small. While small class sizes are helpful, at times they can also make you feel like you are constantly "on the spot". In a social aspect, everyone seems to know eachother which can at times cause others to feel left out.


The administration never gives straight answers. Any problem you have can not be solved quickly. Also, money is always a problem.


That they make us take to many gen eds and do not focus enough on major classes for some majors