Athens State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When discussing my university, I tend to brag most about the convenience of my classes and the ease with which I transferred. I also love the organization of my professors. I have thoroughly enjoyed all my classes at Athens State University.


They offer a lot of classes online.


The school only concentrates on its students. Teachers are good with knowing what students need, there is little pressure to be exceptional, only to do what is needed for school. Students that are going here tend to enjoy the classes they take, because they have done the research and gone to a school that is not too expensive and still offers its students off campus classes, along with faculty that want to help you when you are getting closer to graduation. The teachers are usually members of the fields, so they tend to have practical forms of teaching.


Ease of working around your schedule and the time off that they allow to do your field experiences for classes.


My favorite thing about Athens State University is the size . I love that it is a "small town" school. It has given me the chance to personally know my professors and classmates. My professors are always available and they are always willing to help.


Athens State University is a closely knit school where instructors show show their students the right way to approach their subjects, they do not try to lead anyone on or trick their students in any way. Everything is close! Whether it be a study hall, grocery store, hardware store or restaurant, these places are all within a few miles of the campus.


Staff makes you feel like you are important to them, from professors to career counselors to administrative staff..


I tell them that they have a building on the campus of Wallace State Community College, which is close by. The offer on-line classes for those who cannot attend class. The advisors and teachers are very helpful and caring.


I tell people that Athens is the oldest state univeristy in the state of Alabama and that it was founded in 1822. It has a lot of history and began as a women's college. I describe the beautiful old buildings and huge trees on the campus lawn. The campus itself is full of southern charm and will transport you to another time. The people are also full of that southern charm and I consider myself fortunate to have attended this school.