Athens State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Athens State University is a great school. I believe that prospective students will get the most out of their education as long as they are putting in the work. ASU has a great career center and job fairs. The worst thing about the school that I can remember is that while in the Liberal Arts program, I could not take all of the classes that I wanted to take. This was not really a bad thing because the classes required prerequisites like most universities. It was standard procedure.


The worst thing about Athens State University is that Athens State does not provide on campus housing for it's students. Students, like myself who have to drive over an hour away just to attend classes and or exams could really benefit from living on campus. It would greatly reduce my cost in gasoline for my car. Non-campus housing is thr worst thing at Athens State University because students need to be allowed to live closer and enjoy their college life.


The worst thing I would consider is again the majority of online classes. I feel that the administration thinks just because enrollment for online is up, that they should narrow the on- campus classes down. Every one learns differently, some learn better with textual concepts while others like myself learn better on hands and actually having someone there to show how to do it.




the location from my home to school.. 2 1/2 hrou drive one-way


I cannot think of one negative thing about Athens State University. I have been very pleased with every aspect of the school. The staff members have been extremely helpful with every need that I have had.


It is in a smaller town however it makes it feel like home to me.


I can't think of anything bad about Athens. I am very happy with this school!!


The worst thing about my school was not having the opportunity to get to know the people better. Athens is a great community and full of very kind people, I wish I had more of an opportunity to learn more individuals on campus.