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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


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The advice that I would give myself if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior is that your general courses matter. General courses are just as important as core courses because they are the bulk of your grade point average. I would also tell myself to learn how to write well because you will be writing many essays and research papers for the next four to six years. Stay focused on your life goals and do not become absorbed in having college social life. Sure, have fun and enjoy your youth but also remember there is life after youth. When you enter college, you began to build the foundation of your life. You have to look good on paper. When you apply for a job, which will be primarily online, the employer is look at your accomplishments, credentials and often times your college transcripts. What do you want that employer to see? What on your application sets you apart from the other applicants? Always give your optimal performance and take pride in your work. You are an A student so do not settle for less than that.


The main advice I would give myself as a high school senior about to embark in the transition of transferring to a University is learn how to adapt to your surroundings and learn how to develop appropriate time management. As a full time college student you generally have assignments due every week on specific days and at specific times and although those specific assignment deadlines usually are inconvienent to a students schedule (to those who work, especially full time jobs) it can become very hard for a student to keep up and quite easy to get behind. Therefore, learning how to use proper time management is essential in a higher educational environment. Another advice I would give to myself is to never give up. Never give up on striving to be the best student you can be. Never let your High School teachers and principle or anyone else tell you that "you are not good enough". Never stop reaching for the goals you want for yourself and creating the academic foundation of excellence in order to reach them. As an ADA student, I have encountered countless obstables and face more every day.


I would tell myself not to worry so much about the destination but to enjoy the ride. Going to a college strait out of high school was intimidating but I really should have stopped stressing and instead have been more relaxed.


Stay in school and finish what I started. It's alot easier fresh out of high school than to go back at 43 with a family life.


My experience was very positive. I learned the importance of hard work and studying. I feel I have successfully entered the work environment with a soild base of information a good education. It was important for me to interact with my fellow students and doing so helped me relize the benefit of working in a group.


My college education has been valuable for several reasons. First, it has allowed me to explore many subjects that are of interest to me. I entered college with no idea of what I wanted to major in, and being exposed to many areas of study has allowed me to become a well-rounded person as well as helped me refine my goals. Second, I have had the opportunity to learn from and with some incredible people. I will forever be thankful to the professors and classmates who have challenged and inspired me. Finally, it has taught me the importance of critical thinking. Creative problem solving and thinking outside the box are important skills to possess after graduation. Through my educational exploration I have come to the decision that I want to become a librarian, an occupation requiring a Master's degree. After taking an American Sign Language class on a whim I became interested in Deaf culture; I now hold an Associate's degree in ASL studies. In the future I would like to combine my interests in order to make library materials and programs available to Deaf patrons and help address issues surrounding Deaf literacy.


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Ashley, you should really strive to do your best with everything you have got. Work on your study habits. Although you will do really well in college, assume the responsibility that you know you are capable of. In the future, you will understand why you have had these opportunities as a senior. You need to apply for more scholarships even though you will get a few, it will not be enough in the future. College is expensive and you know that mom and dad can not pay for it; so use your time and knowledge very wisely. No matter what put education first and then worry about everything else later. Be careful, be safe, and try your best in every thing you do and you will succeed.




I would tell myself how important it is to excel in the course you are enrolled in. College is where you begin working toward your career. It is always important to strive and finish assignments and coursework on time and to the best of your ability. College is a time in your life to LEARN. So learn from others, help teach others, and remember..always strive to do your best!


Apply yourself to suceed in life.


Take time out of your school career to decided what you want to do with your life. Find something that you truly love to do, and then see how an education will benefit your choice. Always look at your courses as your job and remember that all assignments are due before the due date. Do not be afraid to express your thoughts and ideas. By communicating with others, a good idea can easily be turned into a great idea. The relationships that you make in college will go with you for the rest of your life. Value your friends and always be an asset to your friends.


As a high school student, I would put forth more effort into studying and preparing for exams.


Go on to school and don't waste any time. I'm 32 and a single parent of a 7 yr old...don't immediately get married out of high school such as I did. There will be plenty of time for that in the later years, be sure you can take care of you!


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to complete my educational goals now. Do not put it off. Education is so important and it is easier to complete it before you are married and before you have three children.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to learn to study. Learn how to take notes and also learn to manage your study time to get the best results. I would also tell myself not to party and pay attention in class. I would also tell myself that for the first year of college take all of your basic classes and don't worry so much about declaring your course of study. Research all of your ideas for a career and find the best school that offers what you are looking for in a college. I would also tell myself to concentrate on school and not worry about building a serious relationship or getting married until after I graduate from college.


Whenever they find a college they like - stick with it. Moving around can cause a lot of trouble later on in temrs of transfering the alredy earned credits. Nowdays, almost every college has an online program. In the case of relocation try to use this way of learning instead of moving to another college. Then, of course, watch the price as well as research the scholarships and all means of financial aid way in advance since I have come to find out too late that some colleges only offer financial aid the first semester. The choice of an academic advisor is crucial. If you are not happy with the advisor you have make the necessary steps to change that. Have a ready program of study before you start school and be clear as to what classes you need to take and stick to it. Bad advising has also caused me to waste credit hours.


The sheer number of colleges, both 2- and 4-year schools, make the array of choices you make after the decision to pursue higher education dizzying. Distance learning programs now offered by most schools only add to the number of choices. Attending college is easier than ever in some ways, and my advice would be to list every factor important to you, in order of priority, and look for the option that fits the most of them. It's almost guaranteed there will be a college program there for you somewhere. However, it's important to keep in mind that what you want in a college may change over time. As a parent and a student, finding the right college for me was a very easy decision. I wanted an affordable, close-to-home university that offered convenience and ease of transfer. I would simply advise parents and students to keep the value of an education in mind and never give up on the pursuit of bettering yourself.


I would tell parents and/or students to find a college that they will feel comfortable at and that is challenging to them. I would recommend choosing a college that has a caring and helpful staff. To make most of the college experience, I would tell them to always do your very best and take advantage of all the resources that the college is offering.


Make sure its excatly where you want to go and make sure it offers the courses needed for your degree of study!


My advice to parents and students for choosing the right college is that the biggest school is not always the best. Class size is important. Those large lecture halls do not leave much room for individualized learning. I would also look at the quality of advising at schools. If the student is just a number, then it may be difficult to get any attention from an advisor, much less good guidance. Overall, I think it is most important to maintain a positive attitude throughout the college experience. I would also encourage students to think from the end. What do you want your life and future career to look like? How can you use your time in school to make it happen? Work towards your goals with confidence and enthusiasm, and you can make any college work for you!


My main advice to upcoming college students and their parents would be to stay patience. The majority of all college students change their major at least once. I would tell them to first go to a community college. This gives them time to be certain of what they want to become and where they want to go. Then, to chose the best school of their interest, they will need to talk to a counselor. He/she will inform them of everything and anything they may have questions about. They must visit the school and familiarize themselves with the surrounding area and with the campus. In order to enjoy their time there, they must enjoy the area. I would tell them not forget about their GPA. My biggest goal is to graduate with Honors. It is one thing no one can ever take away from you. After that my biggest advice is to make friends! College without friends is extremely boring. You must be socialable and interactive. This is the best time of your life!


Looking for a college that is all fun is a waste of money and time. Look through different college booklets from each college within your area first. Some students want to get away from family so they can enjoy college more. Those students tend to not do as well in school, and wander through the classes. Finding the least expensive, or the one that has the right classes isn't enough either. Students need to try to find others who are in the school to find out what they might think of it. However, do not keep the children close if there are schools that handle the classes the student wishes to study. Schools that specialize in subjects are not always the best answer. Just because a school is specialized in say Arcitecture, does not mean that it is the best school that will easily help you get employment after college. Look around at your choices. Do research, find out how much each class is, and if you have a major in mind, find out how much it takes. Going to the right school is not a quick and simple choice.


I would tell other students to research all the schools they are intersted in. They should find out cost of attendance and how prominent their study of major is at the school. Other schools offer the education program, however after careful research I found out that Athens offers a better variety of classes and availabilities making it easy to finish the degree in five semesters. This is a very important factor when finding a school.


First you must evaluate your financial situation and narrow down the colleges you can afford. Secondly educate yourself on the financial aid system, such as the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized student loans in order to make sure you will not be in the hole too bad when you finish school if financial aid is needed. All students learn differently since they come from many different backgrounds and cultures, so sit in on a class or speak with a professor if you are having trouble selecting a university, and make a choice based on the learning environment you would flourish most in. Environment may seem minor comapred to location and finances, but trust me from experience in the fact that if you are not happy you will not succeed, so make sure of your choice in order to avoid wasting any valuable time that can not be gotten back.


To parents and students trying to find the right college, I advise you to do research on the programs at that school that relate to the field you are wanting to go into. Find out the requirements to graduate with a degree in your field of choice. Also, get involved in your campus and meet a lot of new people. Although you should get involved, do not slack on your studies. College is a lot different from high school, and the skills required to study differ from the ones used in high school. Find out what works best for you and stick to it.


Borrow only federal money for student loans. I made a mistake of taking out a private loan along with my federal loan, and now I will be paying that private loan back for the rest of my life.


I would encourage future students to find the school where they feel like they are at home and get as much involved as you can. The more involved in school the more fun and a better learning experience you will receive instead of just going to class.


To find the right college, it is best to look around at campus life and the faculty of the school. Big party schools are not the best choices. These big party schools could be a distraction to the learning process. A place should be chosen that will help students in need of scholarships and finanical help. Students with disabilities should extemely look into colleges that make accomodations for those students in need of them. A student should be comfortable with the environment of their campus and people on campus. I chose Athens State due to friendliness and cleanliness. It is a great place and I am glad I chose them to help me reach my goal in life to become an educator. Students should choose a college that will help them fulfill their hopes and dreams.


My advice would be to visit the college and really get a feel for what campus life is really like at a particular school. A school that is willing to take time with its students to help them savor and retain the material taught as well as offering the resources needed to help guide them in their personal career choices is the most important factor to consider, my opinion, when choosing a school rather than just accepting a college that 'heards' its students through its doors and then out into the world with all of the credits and none of the practical application or experience needed to make them successful.


Since every person is different, it is important to select the college or university that is right for you. Sit down with your parents and make a list of things that you want out of college. Remember to consider your personality. For instance, if you like being in big groups where you can mingle with everyone, you may be happier at a bigger university where you meet someone new everyday. If the thought of being in a large group of people sickens you, then you may be happier at a smaller, more personal university. You should also be realistic. After you and your parents have made a list of personal ?requirements?, it?s time to get started on research! Use the internet to explore all your options. Through the internet, you can find tuition fees, degree programs, classes offered, extracurricular activities, and anything else you could possibly want to know. Now you can use the process of elimination! Mark off universities that you know you aren?t going to attend. Contact the colleges that are still in the running and arrange to visit the campus. This will help you make your final decision!


First of all, I would encourage parents and/or potential students to research all of the universities that said students would like to attend. I would also suggest speaking with students who are currently enrolled in these institutions and hearing their opinions on them. Insight from another person's perspective can often help a prospective student more than mere research. Secondly, in order to make the most of one's college experience, I would encourage students to become as active as possible in extra-curricular activities. Not only can these activities and organizations teach students important life lessons and build their social skills, they can also help the students form potentially life-long friendships. In addition to these things, activities can keep stidents from becoming "typical" college students that over indulge in alcohol and fast food. The benefits of extra-curriculuars are invaluable.


I think it is very important for students to know what they want their career to be in before selecting a college. Parents should sit down with their children and have this talk before any decisions are made. Knowing I wanting to be an elementary school teacher, I choose to pick one of the best schools in Alabama for that. Doing this my parents and I knew I would receive the best education I could possibly recieve. Parents need to be a part of this experience for their children. They need to learn everything about the college just as the students do. It is important for parents to put their childs safety first. And to the students.... don't go to school with a bad attitude thinking "I can't do this". Remember you are in school to fulfill your lifelong dream of being a teacher, an engineer, a doctor or whatever it is you may dream of being. Don't give up, hold your head high and give it all you've got!!


Life on Campus ? A Mother?s Message Pack your suitcase you?re leaving home don?t worry my child you are not alone You are leaving the nest to start your life anew Just remember that to yourself you must be true Life on campus is different than what you know just remember in life you will reap what you sew stick to your studies and make close friends stay away from the drugs and the flashy new trends keep your head out of the clouds and feet on the floor then you?ll find that you will open many a door Always remember the values you were taught and never try to be what you are not When things get rough just remember my voice may it guide you to help you make the right choice Life on Campus will be rewarding and fun but remember you have a home when all is said and done. To parents: Help your child pick a college that provides the best educational endeavors and emphasizes the importance of education. Just remember, you don't always have to pick the most expensive college or university for the best education.


One of the most important things a student must do to make the most of their college experience is to participate. Make sure you go to class and take part in discussions. Take the time to be interested in what you are studying. Not only will you get better grades, but you will have a better time. When you are looking for a college, take time and visit. Spend time watching students between classes. If there is no one doing things that you would do, you may not want to choose that college. Take the time to go to see where you would be spending most of your time when you are not in class. That place may be somewhere outside (weather permiting), the student center, the library, or somewhere you would be comfortable. If there is no place that you feel like you would be comfortable, you probably will not enjoy your experience at that school.


College has become a necessary part of life for student in this day and age. The choice of witch school to attend is a very important one; the availability of resources is to me the most important choice. All colleges are not equal by any means but finding the one that fits your future plans is the key. A degree from any school is valuable, so choose a school that has outside resources that will make the experience a memorable part of your life.


When a parent or student is looking to find the best school for them or their children they should first look at where alumnus of prospective colleges and where they have gone in life. For example, if a high percentage of the alumnus turn out being successful doctors, lawyers, engineers and so forth, then it is likely their former college is a prime candidate to enroll in. In addition, it is important to look at strengths and weaknesses of a college and compare those statistics with other colleges. Most importantly, it is necessary that the college accomodates the curricular requirements of the student and offers a variety of schools to choose from.


Research and find the college that best fits your needs. Visit the school and talk to students, alumni, and faculty. If you are planning on living on campus, check out the dorms or other living arrangements totally and completely.


Look for a college that provides the atmosphere that the student is looking for plus the acadimic credibality needed to insure a good education. Although atmosphere and education are deciding factors be sure to look in to the financial feasibility y of the university or college.


Choosing a major is an important step in selecting a college. Attending the right college helps a student get the best education in their field. The convenience of being close to home attracts both students and parents as the costs of college seems to be rising constantly. Getting involved in the campus life makes a student not only feel comradery as a student but also productive as a citizen. Athens State University offers a superior education for teachers and business majors; coupled with their low tutition cost, Athens State is hard to beat. I am proud to say that I am a student who is engaged in a quality educational environment.


FInd a college that has a program that is in the field you want to go into. The college life is lots of fun but the most important thing is the education that you are going to recieve. I hope that you have fun in your college experience but look at the academics of the school and make the choice that best fits your buget and your choice of career.


As a parent and student, I would advise students to try and do their best. I know that college is suppose to be a fun and exciting time, but it also requires alot of hard work. If students have to go to school and work, Athens State University offers alot of on-line courses. The only thing about this type of education is that you have to be very disciplined in doing your work. The best advise I can offer for finding the right college is to look around and find a college that meets your needs in order to have a fun and rewarding college experience. Once you decide on a college, remember to do your best. Doing your best has benefits such as scholarships and club memberships. This can help with financial needs while going to school.


Finding the right college depends on the type of individual. Some individuals are mature enough to venture out on their own, far away from home. They are ready for self responsibility. These are the people that have already had a fair amount of life experiences which gave them the opportunity to be on their own. I think that college away from home is well suited to these individuals. Then, there are some young people who have not had the opportunity, for whatever reason, to learn enough about themselves while growing up. These individuals need to stay close to home and keep the support of family and friends nearby. College often offers too much freedom when compared to the last years of high school and some people do not know how to budget their time and money. This is a time to learn how to prepare for life. Preparing for a career is important, but it is also important to prepare mentally and socially for life. Collge needs to be a positive experience from the very beginning, or students may feel it is too much and drop out for life.