Athens State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Which teachers not to take!


The amount of time required for studying


I cannot recall anything that I wish that I would have known before transferring to Athens State. Every single bit of information was completely disclosed to me.


Nothing really


Because I had attended a very small community college before transferring to Athens State, I felt very sheltered when it came to academics. Also, the classes at the community college were ridiculously easy compared to the classes at the university. Although I feel much more stimulated in my classes now, I wish I would've known how much harder the classes are at a university.


This school has few faults. There is little school spirit, but there is no sports program for the school. However this school does not have many younger students, it tends to have more students who are coming back to school from working, coming back to complete degrees. So there tends to be not too many younger students, but that does not seem to difficult.


I wish I had more guidance from high school counselors in preparing me for the finances, such as a better education of the pell grant and financial aid system.