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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time to talk to the young and naïve me I would have a ton to say about college, but since this is limited I would start off with GPA is not everything. It’s all about the SAT or ACT score. So I would tell myself to mainly focus on that. I would tell the younger me that friends will come and go and to know that life goes on with or without you. College is about finding yourself and making mistakes. Just stay focused and do what has to be done because no one is going to baby you at twenty years old. Additionally, I would tell myself to stay on campus in college so I could get the true experience of the college life. The younger me would be so perfect if this were possible. I would make sure I tell the undeveloped me that everything that is about to happen is for the good. Just trust every decision you make and believe that God has a plan.


I would tell myself to take my time with senior year and not rush to get it over with and get to college. Enjoy it and only focus on school. I wish I could've applied more scholarships and grants, then I would've had a much better chance of getting into the Universiy of Akron becuase out of state tuitution is seriously no joke. It's very expensive.


In my college experience, I feel that hard work is very important and it is very rewarding. Do to my hard work in school I am very close in finishing school. I would have quit long time ago, but do to my dedication and perseverance I have found that I can finish what I have started eventhough I have two children. I have start school in 2000 - 2002 at Atlanta Metropolitan College and 2004 summer, 2007 summer and summ2008 through 2010. I plan to attend Fort Valley State University in 2002- 2008 and majored in Animal Science and Veterinary Median. I finished my associate's degree of Fine Art and now in General Studies At Atlanta Metropolitan College. I have 15 course finish my bachelor degree. I am enroll this school year for my regents test. If I past this test I get my degree. In my experience I feel this test is the most important test and I am very proud to finally finish.


Before college, I was but a quixotic teenager swinging my hammer, saving the world in post-Katrina New Orleans. Today, I'm capable of writing policy, of navigating the narrow paths of bureaucracy, of changing lives on a much larger scale. College has given me the tools necessary to fulfill a desire, neigh, need to help people. I was sad to leave the frontier after nine months of service to the Gulf Coast, but I knew that I had to distance myself in order to grow. I couldn't be within earshot of the Lower 9th ward, the temptation to return would be too great so I left. Cross country. To pursue an education that I knew would be infinitely more beneficial to myself and those I was serving.


If I were to have the opportunity to go back in time to talk to myself in regards to school there would be a few things that I would have to say. Now knowing the true importance of a college education I would advise myself to establish a strong plan for the entire experience. I would advise myself to establish a financial plan and to choose which college is best for me. Some students now say that college is not for everyone, but in actuality not every college is for everyone. You must choose the school that will assist you in your journey and place the least resistant route. I would also stress the issue that networking and asking questions contantly will benefit me a deal. Having a strong network with people that share the same aspirations and views as you bring a strong positive energy to everyone involved. It establishes a support system that prevents people from failing and maintains student retention rate. I would also warn myself of the dangers of not having a plan B. Life does not always go as expected but if you plan ahead and have a goal it can be achieved.


Schedule your classes at a reasonable time. If you are not a morning person, do not register for an 8:00 class. I would also tell myself to take advantage of all the oppurtunities offered at the school.


The advice that I wil myself is not to wait along time to fill out college appications, get started on them as eariler as I can.


Stay focused on your educations,females and fun are not as important as your everlasting knowledge. Study Hard and pay attention to what all your teachers say because most of them already went through college and really know what they are talking about. Always try your best and keep your head up.