Atlanta Metropolitan State College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


With age for some people comes wisdom, fear, and many obstacles but going back to school has been a great decision for my self and for my small family. There is never a perfect time to go back to school but so far I believe that I have made a great choice with Atlanta Metropolitan. The staff, affordability and location were big deciding factors in choosing a college. The staff were awesome and guided me step by step with my entire entrance process and they made me feel welcomed.


I feel that Atlanta Metropolitan College is the best place to start your education before going away for school. I learned that school is not just for education, but also learning about people and how to develop friendships, through team work. This is the best thing about my school is people. The counselors are very helpful and the teacher are very helpful also. The teachers work with you and give you confidence that may or may not have been their before. I believe my time there at Atlanta Metropolitan College was very educational, in learning about art, science and people.


Its close to my home. Also, the school offers evening and weekend classes.