Atlantic Cape Community College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


My overall opinion about this school is mixed for many reasons. The pros can cover the cons; for instance, I love that the school accepts anyone, every community college does that, but it is still nice. The Cape May Campus is always clean and friendly, I love how it feels like home all the time. The Professors care about the students and they will do anything for a respectful student who is willing to learn. If one student is slacking, they have no problem pointing it out which is nice for the students who work their ass off trying to earn a 4.0 GPA. The classes are nice, nice class size and they are very clean, yet cold. Changing your major is super easy to do, just a check mark and a signature, nothing else. The financial aid office at the Cape May campus is super nice and everyone is glad to help. This is also the only school where the janitors love the students and interact with them, it is awesome. Now for the cons; the Mays Landing campus is out-dated, old floors that are wavy and disgusting. The food is never vegetarian or vegan friendly, there is so much meat! The financial aid office at the Mays Landing campus is very rude and horrible to the students, I cannot believe no one is getting fired from that office, it is insane! The only clubs at this college, are located in the Mays Landing campus which sucks for the students at the Cape May campus. Overall, I love this school, it feels like home and I am happy to be there.