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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Jennie, You would not believe the road you're about to travel. You will laugh harder than you've ever laughed, and cry harder than you've ever cried. You will make friends that you will never forget and make decisions that will change your life forever. First, make decisions for YOURSELF....please do not let someone else's decisions persuade you. Going to Cincinnati was one of the greatest things you'll ever do, however, it is also possibly one of the worst decisions. Stay on track. Stay focused. You will lose track more than once, and will always think its the end all of your college career. Things will work out. Keep your friends close, as you will need them in the near future. Don't party too hard...have fun but remember why you're at earn your degree!! Good luck and don't let small obstacles knock you off track. Always go to Mom and Dad when you need advice...they give the best! Take too many pictures, the next four years will go faster than you could ever imagine. Finally...good luck! You are about to have one heck of a journey.... -Jennie-


Shawnna, you need to go to college and finish with the job of your dreams. Don't wait until after marriage and children. You are only young once so take advantage of this and get your education done so that you can have your life in order. Be very careful how you spend your money and don't just blow it save up for a house so when Brian, your husband comes along you two can buy a house. trust me I know what has already happened in your future.