Auburn University at Montgomery Top Questions

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Aum is unique compared to other school's I considered because it allows me to continue my education while maininting my current jobs. I work one full time job and one part time job and Aum allows me to work both of thoes jobs while completing classes.


My school is unique compared to other schools that I have considered because it is not in the center of an active city. There is a mall on one side and a sopping center on the other. However, both are far enough away that they cannot become a distraction. With Auburn Unoversity at Montgomery being a writing intensive school not having these distactions definitely come in handy.


Auburn University at Montgomery is very unique school. We do not attend classes on Fridays, unlike other schools and when we have a holiday we alway get an extra day. The campus is located where there are not many distractions, so it is very easy for us to buckle down and stay focused on our work. Most colleges have plenty of on campus parties, here at AUM we hardly have any.


AUM really cares about its students. The professors will go out of their way to help in whatever way possible.


One thing that I find unique about Auburn University at MOntgomery is the size of the class rooms. There are thosands of students at every college. At AUM one on one time with a teacher is always open to students. The class rooms are not big and it makes it easy to be open in class and to ask quetions or anything eles that is needed.




I believe the one on one help that AUM offers sets my university apart from other universities. Class sizes are very small indivuals do not have to worry about being just another number. Your professor after a week or two know you by name. If you are unable to get helpin the classroom there is a learning center on campus and there are tutors who come over into the dorm to tutor.


What's unique about my school compared to other schools I considered is that Auburn University at Montgomery have small classes where the teacher can know you by your name instead of a number. Another thing that is unique about my school is that it is a small campus. All of the main buildings are close to each other.


Well, I don't know, because I only considered and applied to this one school. I guess its lack of party atmosphere would make it unique, which is a good thing. I hate parties.


AUM was the only school in the tri-county area that offered a wide range of majors in addition to being a respected college with well respected professors.


There weren't many schools with the major that I wanted. And the program is accredited and that is exactly what I needed. Very few students are accepted into the program and that appealed to me because the classes were small. I would get to know my classmates and my professors and not get lost in a crowd.


Well AUM is a great school for students to learn and get to know knew people. Also the class size is small so that mean that you can get to know your teachers better. Then I know at other school your teacher look at you as just a number, but at AUM the teachers get to know you by name.


Extremely nontraditional. The varying ages and ethnicities of the students creates a more culturally rounded and interesting environment.




The campus living arrangement is great.


The thing that makes my school unique is the title it holds. AUM is named the Best Southeastern College for 2008 by the Princeton Review. So that makes AUM stand out from the other colleges.