Auburn University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is not willing to work hard in life and would rather sit around all day and enjoy doing the fun things without regard to the important, necessary, hard working parts of life.


Anyone who does not like to meet new people.


somesomeone who isnt foucus on their schooling


Someone who is academically challenged should not attend this school.


Someone who doesn't want to work hard academically or socially should not attend Auburn University. Neither of these aspect can be achieved without trying. As a freshman you need to put yourself out there and meet new people around you. Auburn will never be easy academically. It is your responsibility to keep up with the course work and attend class!


People that do not want to work hard should not attend this school. Also, people that cannot handle school work and the temptations of college life. People that want to go to a school with a great athletic program might not want to go here either. If you want to go to a school with great athletics and a thriving greek life, go to the University of Alabama, not Auburn.


A person who is not prepared to give one hundred and ten percent should not attend Auburn. Every student will have to study hard and be willing to give every ounce of energy to their education. This may involve leaving old study habits behind.


Everyone should attend this school. There is a place for everyone and every kind at Auburn. I suppose the only people that shouldn't attend are those who only want to party. Auburn University is amazingly open to all sorts of people, and has activities and support for everyone.


If you are not willing to work hard, expecting college to be easy, or under the impression that you can party every night or weekend and be successful, then you should not come to Auburn University.


I would suggest Alabama fans not attend Auburn. I also suggest that students who are only there to party do not attend, because most everyone else is there for school, and while they do go out, education is thier goal, not getting wasted.


If you are not looking to be involved on campus then Auburn University is not the school for you. The students at Auburn are very involved, everyday there is a new organization on the concourse informing passing students about the current issues that Auburn is facing. There are hundreds of organizations on campus that almost everyone is involved in. Therefore, if you are not interested then Auburn may not be the best choice for you.


Anyone unwilling to make changes or meet new and different people wouldn't do well here. Also, if you have a more negative or pessimistic attitude, the cheer and overall happiness felt throughout the campus could prove too much for you.


Someone who is uncomfortable around a large group of people and prefers a small campus, small classes, and less chaos on campus.


Someone who is open to ideas and doesn't shy away, they must be focused as well as outgoing.


No one, everyone should be given an equal opportunity to learn and better their life through education.


An outgoing person, someone who loves football, and most of all a person who believes and bleeds orange and blue.


Anyone is able to attend Auburn University. There are not many African-American students that attend this university, but this does not mean that that they SHOULDN'T attend. Auburn Univeristy is willing and accepting of people from all races, religion, nationalities, ans other walks of life. It does not matter what your hobbies are or what you like to do in your free time, Auburn is a great place to be. There is no such thing as who shouldn't attend Auburn.


Someone who isn't interested in frat. life and the whole 'doesn't include someone that isn't drinking with you at a bar into their live's' kind of attitude from fellow students.


Someone who is focused on high academic success or does not like sports much. Also, it is a very conservative school, so a radical person may not fit in well.


This school is not for students who want to live in a large city setting and is not for students lookinf for a lot of diversity either. It is a small college city and it has barely anything to do but to make really good friends and go out and eat.


Auburn's campus has a very traditional, southern family feel. In my opinion, people with politically liberal ideas would not fit in very well. Auburn is dominated by southern gentlemen and polite ladies who never forget their manners. A rude or impolite person literally would stand out in Auburn's student body. However, Auburn is very welcoming and no matter what kind of person you are, you will definitely be taken into the Auburn family.


people who are not serious about getting a higher education for better careers should not attend this school.


Someone that is not willing to put forth the effort shouldn't waste their time. In order to be succesful and get everything you need out of Auburn should plan to give it their all.


This school is not for someone who needs to be in a big city. The university is pretty much the only thing in Auburn and there is a not a big selection of shopping, restaurants, etc. But we are only 45 minutes from Montgomery and 2 hours from both Birmingham and Atlanta.


The type of pperson who shouldn't attend my university is the type of person who does not like close personal relationships. My school is a great university, it is not very large so you actually get to know the people that you have classes with and you create great bonds in college that will last throughout your life.


Someone who does not want to have to work to get involved or someone who does not enjoy social life may have a difficult time at Auburn. There are many wonderful people in Auburn who will make the best kind of friend, but you have to go out and get to know them. Someone who is looking for an absolutely huge college, big city feel might also want to reconsider. Auburn is a very cute, quaint small town with the University as the very heart of the city.


If you're attracted to the city life, then Auburn is probably not for you. It has a small town atmosphere.


I feel as though people that attend Auburn enjoy the home town feel, and friendliness of the college. It's not in a major city, so it will help with cutting down on distractions. The type of people that attend Auburn are very enthusiastic about the college. The person should have a good academic record and be driven. At Auburn, they provide all the resources its up to the student to excel.


The kind of person who shouldnt attend this school is someone is lazy,not focused and who isnt career mindind in what they want to achieve in life.


Anyone that doesn' t plan on working hard for their degree.


If you are really liberal then this school probably isn't for you. Being in the middle of Alabama there are a lot of conservatives here and it shows. But the people are nice and friendly if you are willing to go out and meet people, even the fraternities and sororities. Also if you don't drink or do drugs then you probably don't want to come here as you will feel like an outcast as most people drink a ton and smoke weed.


If you don't have a good work ethic then Auburn is not for you.


someone who doesnt like the south


You shouldn't attend this school if you don't work hard or care about succeeding. If you are not a football fan, then the scene in the fall may appeal to you.


A hard worker. Auburn may seem like a football school, but the classes are no joke. Friendly people tend to find more friends, but it's hard not to find an activity you like to do here.


Anyone who can't appreciate the southern charm and can't handle being away from the "big city." The university pretty much is the town, so you definitely get that feeling of isolation and the sense that you (the university students) are the only thing that matters. It can be kind of oppressive for people used to a million plus population.


Those that dont want to have fun make or meet amazing new people, but most of all who dont want to put any work into their studies.


Someone who can't handle high temperatures, and someone who is opposed to greek organizations.