Augsburg College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The diversity of classes that foster vast conversation. Opportunities for service


I brag most about how convenient and accommodating the school is to working adults.


How good my financial aid is.


One the main things I brag about to my friends is that the class sizes are very small, which allows you to answer questions whenever needed, and gives you more one on one with your college professor. The campus and the classes are small compared to public universities, meaning that during your time at Augsburg, you will build solid relationships with other students and the professors and other faculty here. The staff here actually care about you, your life, and your studies, and they want to see you succeed. They are willing to help you discover that success.


I brag about the diversity that Augsburg has =) also the program they have to offer students here.


How small the campus is, how friendly the people are, and how caring and attentive the professors are.


The Location. I love being in the heart of Minneapolis! Ther eis so much to do and so many opportunities!




It's very close to the cities, and I can easily get around without owning a car.


Very Diverse, Lots of school spirit. The classes are small and very personal relationships with professors. On a first name basis after weeks. Profs doors are always open.


You dont have to walk far for calss or travel by bus or car. Its close to alot of attractions, bars, movies, mall ect.


class sizes, people