Augsburg College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who attend this school should be hard- working students, friendly to everyone and be active. Augsburg College is a small college, which means it has a small community. People know each other quite well and they get along very well too. They should also be friendly to everyone because that makes life more wonderful! Hard- working is the requirement that every student who attend college should have, so do Augsburg students. They need to be active because Augsburg has many activities that they can attend to improve their own social skills and enjoy college life!


Someone who should attend Augsburg should be looking for small classes and a community based atmosphere. They should be open minded about other people's thoughts and feelings because you will find so many different people here. Also, attending Augsburg requires respect and a caring attitude towards other people so you can make new friends that can last for life. One must take their education seriously for Augsburg takes learning very seriously and professors care about who is falling behind or not.


Any kind of person should attend Augsburg College and would have a great time. The environment is very open and diverse, and all types of people are accepted here. Everyone here is friendly and most are open to meeting and getting to know new people. It's also a good place to meet people different than yourself and to learn about new and different cultures from other students at the college.


Someone who enjoys the cities but also loves the feeling of a small community. The person should also be able to work hard while still making time for friends.


The type of person that feel;s liek they don't fit in. The one who wants a social life but also wants to be able to do there homework. Augsburg is very diverse, so possibly one that feels out of place due to race.


Someone who is self-motivated & open-minded. Nobody is pushing you to succeed, but mentorship, learning & leadership opportunities are everwhere if you are interested.


Anyone! That is the point of Augsburg's diversity. The core values at this school are education, vocation, and diversity.


Someone who enjoys small class sizes and likes the big city lifestyle.




Free thinkers and hard workers.