Augsburg College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost. It is more expensive then other school because it is a private college but I still think it shouldnt be to expensive since it is a small community.


I don't enjoy the fact that it seems rather clicky.


In my experience so far at Augsburg College I have not had a single frusterating experience. The professors are all intelligent and willing to help their students, the facilities are great, and the vast majority of students I have met are friendly and accepting.


At Augsburg there is nothing that frustrates me in the educational sense that is. We have small classes, which makes things better because the teacher knows everyone in the classroom on a more personal level.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that I dislike how as a Biology major, you muct take Biology and Chemistry together for two years straight. I think it makes everything harder and it gives you tons of work to do. It's almost like having seven classes per week since with this school, as a freshmen, you must take a few non-credited courses, so this can get quite overwhelming.


That there isn't a storng sense of community. I Feel that if you are a transfer, as I am, it is difficult to engage the community. There is a large focus on the freshman, but there needs to be a focus on the entire student body.


It is extremely academically oriented. The classes are extremely hard, and require a lot of work and effort outside of class to succeed.


At times the lack of course offerings because the school is smaller. Annoying jocks.


The most frustrating thing about Augsburg College is the occasional party next door, though this is to be expected at every college. However, people here are very friendly and will usually quiet down if you ask them to.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that I only get to be here for four years.


financial aid department


The most frustrating thing is the food. the cafateria is a hit or miss, day by day, you just kind of have to hope that you hit the right day. A lot of time ijust go to the cafe or buy my own food because i don't want to eat there.


The academic advising system is convoluted, esoteric and has poor internal communication.


is the fact that our administration doesn't get back to us in a timely manner the professors do but people who work in the offices dont.