Augusta State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school is a great place to get an education while being an atlete.


It's a school where you will meet a lot of great people and make life long connections.


Augusta State Unirversity is an excellent school, there is not too many things to do here so it helps us students stay focused.


Augusta State University is an excellent school for students of all types with great professors to help students in the academic career process.


Augusta State University can be described as full-filling, exciting, helpful, caring, supportive, and outstanding.


My school has just became my school and it's a little new.


Augusta State University is has a small class size for students which also helps me to a center focus in my lesson instead of being overwhelmed in a huge classroom of students. Even though the campus has a history for being old; there are still new and added changes such as the JSAC building, or Jag Student Activity Center. The campus itself is small, in a medium like way.


ASU is a diverse school with a strong science program thanks to academic relationships with The Medical College of Georgia, Savannah River Site and RUIs around the country.


Augusta State University is rich in hard working students, dedicated teachers, and is a campus full of interesting history.


ASU has great people who want to see you succeed academically, who will help you grow mentally and emotionally, and who will allow you to be yourself.


Augusta State University is a fairly tough school. However, most professors are very understand and are willing to work with you if you are struggling or you have any personal problems.


Augusta State University is a fine institution which prides itself on its well kept grounds and its policies which promote a more well rounded student.


Augusta State University challenges each students potential with the help of generous teachers.


Augusta State University is a community university, but at the same time it gives a person the feeling of being on a major campus.


Augusta State University is the best school all around.


A small school


A friendly enviroment to learn at.


Augusta State University is a public college with a private college feel.


A diverse school that ranges in age.


It's a small school with a good fitness center, properly equipped laboratories, and abundant art facilities.


It is my home away from home, somewhere I trust and I feel safe. It is BEAUTIFUL and peaceful, friendly and fun. The professors are amazing, I haven't had a bad one yet. I would tell anyone to come here in a heartbeat and hope that they would find the love that I have for this college.


My school is small and kind of boring.


It's convenient.


Augusta State University is a small college that focuses on the students and their education.