Augusta State University Top Questions

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Augusta State has recently merged with the Medical College of Georgia to form Georgia Regents University. This gives students a higher chance of being accepted to the local medical school. It also adds additional resources to ASU, from lab equipment to a higher level of doctors as professors.


Augusta State is a university with a unique and strong sense of community. Dispite the other flaws the university has it has a student body and faculty that emphaise community on a daily basis.


It is inexpensive.


I realized that it was several thousand dollars cheaper to attend my community college rather than to go away to college. It is a very well kept school that provides me with the same basic opportunity as other colleges while allowing me to stay at home so that I may work and remain involved in my church.


The education program is the most brutal track, I believe, than any where else. The professors are stereotypical and kick out anyone they choose with out true reasoning.


Its small. Everyone knows everyone


Whats unique about this school is that they have to worse financial ad i have ever seen. They don't know anything. They act like they don't want to help you at all. Meaning they are quick to tell a student they are SOL when it comes to ad for college.


The size of it and the relationships with faculty. There is also a friendly community among students.


Friendly faculties and professors. They really want to help you.


relaxing and peaceful