Augusta State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The campus is very beautiful and serene. I love that there is an amp theatre that you could sit down and study. The school has a retreat week for incoming freshmen to become familiar with the campus and meet new people. The campus also offers tutoring and writing help for all subjects and writing needs. The school would even download Microsoft Office unto your computer for a small fee. Also, the administration is very helpful and is always willing to assist you.


It is a great campus and provides everything you need. The professors and advisors are always willing to help, and a lot of freedom is alotted to the students. The material is hard but not overwhelming. It is overall a great college.


As a biology major, the lab classes are by far my favorite part of the school. The instructors are passionate about their chosen fields and it shows during the hands on, practical portion of the courses.


The thing I brag about most when it comes to ASU is the willingness of the staff to help you no matter what the problem is. Even they cannot help you, they will find someone that can. Also, most of the teachers are very respectful of the fact that you have a life outside of school and they don't go overboard with the work load. If you are ready for a challenge then Augusta State is the school for you!


One thing I love about Augusta State is how beautiful the campus is and also how the classrooms are set up. Since ASU isn't as big as some four year colleges the class sizes are normally smaller and you really do get a chance to have one on one time with your professors.


The two things that I brag about most are the "First Year Experience" which helps new students get acclimated to college life, and my apartment at University Village. I've made a lot of friends through FYE, and I don't have to share a room with anyone in my apartment!


I would have to brag about how up to date all the equipment is. Also our library is a very resourceful area to research in the fact that it has more books than most college libraries. The amount of articles on hand at The Augusta State library is amazing. The campus is very peaceful and helps students for the most part if they are searching for work or are not sure how to get where they are going. The students are very helpful and kind. Also our ASU basketball team is #1 in division two and in their conference.


The tuition cost and the quality of education. Also I know many people who attend my college because they are from my community. I love being able to still see many of my friends everyday and share our college experience together.


The nice class size that we have available and the small campus. It really accesible to everyone around you and easy to maneuver around. I also like that we can talk to our professors pretty much anytime that we would like. They are really available to the students if you let them know ahead of time. Also, the tuition pricing is great especially in the economy that we live in. You get what you pay for here.


When I tell my friends about Augusta State I usually tell them about the extrmely hard English . Augusta State is known for its difficult English department. When I tell them that I usually add in the fact that I passed my first Englis course.


I tend to brag about how the professors are so helpful and I always feel like I can ask them for help when I need it.


The major classes were very difficult.


I don't really brag about myself at all. But I do brag about my friends and how good there doing.


I brag about the schools spirit when it comes to getting students involved.


I brag about the campus, and how beautiful and new it is. For such an old college, the whole campus is brand new. The trees and the brick walkways all across the campus are really the best part. I brag about the people who I call my friends and my sorority sisters. Without those people my college years would have been boring. but without Augusta State University I wouldn't have had any of it.


I don't really brag about my school that much.


The variety. There are so many options, whether you're talking about classes or stuff to do on campus.