Augusta State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the location of the dorm rooms. You have to take transportation to travel to your room. If there is a reason you have to stay at the school past seven o'clock, then you have to find you a ride or have a very long walk back to your room. I consider this worst because I have no vehicle. There were many times when I missed the school bus, so I would definetly learn how to manage my time.


Parking registration fees, because it is unnecessary to pay an extra 35 dollars when we are already paying a transportation fee and the past semester they ran out of the cards that go in our cars so we were given paper identification.


The parking is probably what i consider the worst at Augusta State University. There are times you have to sit and wait for students from previous classes to be released before you can obtain a parking spot.


How far the campus is spread out. Alot of walking is involved to get from one building to another.


I think the worst thing about the school may be that there is no on campus housing. The school does have a set of apartments that can house about 500 students I think, but they are only for full time students and the limited number of apartments means there are people that are left to find housing on their own.


The worst thing about my school is that the computer science department is too small.


I consider the requirement to take support classes is the worst thing about Augusta State University. The reason I think this is the worst thing about my school is because I feel that some students are not good test takers, and might be under alot of pressure while taking the compass exam. I feel like the school administration should allow students to take the test two different times in order to get a good feel on what level the student stands on.


One of the worst things about Augusta State University is its lack of extracurricular sport involvement. We do not have a football team, so fridays nights are a little grim however, we make do. I believe that if we were to get a football team, campus life would increase dramastically.


There is a severe separation between the black students and the white students. It's basically like two completely different campuses between the two groups. All the student activities are lead by predominantly black students and geared toward black activities while all the academic organizations are run by predominantly white students and their activities are geared more toward white activities.


The worst thing is the lack of organization for NEW programs. Alot of departments are constantly adding programs but they haven't quite laid out the correct track to complete the degree so there is a lot of confusion.


The core for the education department keeps changing and adding new classes to the list. The new classes are not being offered at convient times or enough classes being offered.


Not sure.


The amount of classes to take for certain majors, because there are too many core classes and not enough major classes.


The worst thing about Augusta State is the fact that scholarships are becoming more difficult to qualify. The average student is being forced to find scholarships that have to do with creativity rather than academics. I personally find it stressful because the schloarships offered by the university hold so much vaule when it comes to financial aid.


The availability of classes, financial aid process, advising. Some classes are only offered once a year. Financial aid is very slow and unaccommodating. You get advised by some people who know nothing about the field you want to go in.


Parking...there is not enough parking for every student on campus. I get to school a couple hours before my first class for parking but I also come early to study and do research.