Augusta State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People think that Augusta State is for students that aren't smart enough to get into any other school, but that's far from the truth. The professors at ASU realize that you have a life outside of school, but they still expect you to give your all in the classroom. The professor are very willing to help you succeed, but they won't hand you the grade; you have to earn it. I don't recommend this school to students who won't take it seriously. Students who are ready for a challenge and will give 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} should apply.


The students at Augusta State University can be anyone but must be focused on school, hard workers, and dedicated.


I think just about anyone could benefit from attending our school, we have some of the best professors in the state, and we have an equal balance of education, sports, and other activities.


To attend Augusta State University someone needs to be very dedicated and responsible. Like I said ASU isn't as big as some four year colleges but the work is equally as hard. It takes a lot of hardwork and dedication if you would like to maintain an A average.


Someone who enjoys a small classroom size and a great transition from high school.


Anyone who seeks a good, general college education. Augusta State offers a respected and useful educational experience and is also a solid base from which students are prepared to go on to graduate programs.


Anyone can attend this school because it can accomodate everyone's schedules. Although there are extracuricular activities the school does not revolve around it like other schools. Augusta State's primary focus is its studies which is the reason that everyone should be in anyway.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone looking for a decent college campus with the ability to get away from the college setting in a short amount of time. The campus is located in a ritzy part of Augusta that refuses to change campus for the better of the students. They are trying to maintain the image of Augusta as it has always been. The school has one of the most difficult english departments so I would not recomend someone who is not a strong writer to attend this college.


Someone who likes a small school atmosphere and doesn't like the big city, but suburbs.


Any people who are willing to learn and find more about what they are good at can attend this University. There are actually many international students from other countries to learn what they love to do in this school.


The type of person that should attend this school would be someone who likes commuting to campus everyday, since there is currently absolutely no housing on-site. Also, the type of student that should attend Augusta State University is one who loves small ratios between professors and students, since most classes have less than fifty people in a room. Furthermore, a student who attends this college should not like football, since ASU currently has no football team either!


Those who want smaller classes and want to feel they can have a personal relationship with the teacher.