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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College is more than a steppingstone to "real adulthood." Your time at the university is more than a mere filter, in which you enter dull-witted and leave as a processed, polished gem. The cliché phrase, "Seize the day", best describes the experience of higher learning. But, this is sometimes hard to grasp when you are spending full nights developing papers on strenuous topics. You are not defined by your workload. You will come to learn that you define your workload. All of your studies will be infused with passion. Your academic work ethic will be the sole drive to unfolding opportunities to travel, converse with the greatest of people, and redefine your value. You will soon realize the fluidity of your thought process, identity, and self-image. The concepts of great authors will resonate in your mind (e.g. knowledge as freedom – Frederick Douglass, a critic as artist – Oscar Wilde), and you will find liberation in new ideas. College is your chance to explore and test your own limits, as well as the limits of knowledge. This endeavor is more than a check-off-the-list; it is a chance to fully embody a passion or skill.


Going back I would tell myself to have a stronger focus on what I wanted to do after college. Softball was always my main focus and I would go back and let myself know that I needed to try and decide a major. College is a lot of fun, but also is a lot of work. I did not realize how big of an adjustment it would be without having my family there with me. I would go back and tell myself to learn how to cook, do my own laundry, and just other small things that are important to know how to do once you are out on your own. High School is way different from college. College allowed me to be in classes and study things that I truly enjoyed learning about. I would let myself know that procrastination is not something I need to carry with me to college. I would also let myself know how important it is to spend time with family because you really do not realize how much you are going to miss them until you are hours away from them.


Aysia, even though the teacher did not give you any homework, you still need to study what you learned in class. You are going to need this information in the future, and it prevents cramming for a final exam. Instead of giving up when you do not understand the work, you need to go online and look up video tutorials on the problem. It will not only help you, but it may explain the problem in a way that you understand. Keep striving, and do not become involved into too many activities because when you need to study the most is when they need you to participate the most. Do not look at how everyone else is spending their time because you know what you need to do. The people you are looking at the most will not graduate or will not have honors like you will. You know what your goal is. You know what you have to do. Do not let temptations and pressure get in the way of stopping you. Stop listening to all these people pushing you to take psychology. You want to be computer software engineer, so stop letting the opportunities pass by.


My senior year of high school, I was a zombie-like figure attached to the walls of my high school slinking down the hallway infected with severe seniorities. If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would say: 1: APPRECIATE FREE EDUCATION!! College is expensive, and you will soon learn the pains of it. Also, be more grateful for that free education, there are many people around the world that would love to be in that classroom chair. 2: You will not miraculously change into a better studier once you go to college. Good studying is a habit and for that to happen, you have to practice, so stop procrastinating for that test. 3. The high school social structure is NOT IMPORTANT In college, I have learned to focus more on the end result with my education and future rather than if everybody likes me or not. I REPEAT social status is not important. Believe me, you will most likely never see the people you went to high school with again and you know what that is okay because college is mostly about getting to know yourself.


I was so afraid of college debt it took me 8 years to complete my undergraduate degree. I would tell myself that it would all work out and to plow through. Once I had children it was VERY difficult to focus on school again. I would tell myself to calm down. Life moves so quickly I needed to enjoy the classes and my friends more and work less.


Learn to get to know your teachers better because they can write you letters of recommendation if they remember you. Stay in touch with your friends from high school because sometimes it's nice to go home and catch up. Get tutoring prior to certain classes; the proffesors will expect more of you than your teachers in high school did. Don't be afraid to ask questions, the proffesors will assume you understan the material d if you don't. Go to the proffesor after class if you need extra help, they have office hours posted for a reason. Get out and enjoy the town; you aren't going to fail if you don't study constantly. Never wait till the day before to finish an online assgnment because that's when the internet will go out on you. Join some clubs or a sorority; you'll make more friends who can give you advice on which proeffesors to take and who not to take. Don't take your mom doing the dishes and cooking for granted, it's not as easy as she makes it seem. Keep on working out; the freshmen fifteen is not a myth.


Do not worry about your social life because it will fall in the space you have around your studying. Make time for enjoyment because without it you will sufficate on the workload. Enjoy college because it only happens once and it will be a great time in your life. Get your priorities in order before you go to college so you will be prepared.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would tell myself to stay motivated and never stop taking pictures for fun. Going to school for photography really changes how you see the world and I want to make sure that you take all the advice that you can and at the same time enjoy all the mistakes you make because it is true, you do learn from your mistakes. It is tough leaving your family to go to college but if you stay focused and determined on creating images that take everyone's breath away then you will do just fine. Remember to always help a friend out but complete your work first because that is how you will succeed.


Go for it. Dismiss the self-doubt. Look past the naysayers. Do it. Serving in the Army will be one of the most rewarding and successful stages of your life. You think basic will be hard? You made it. Deployments? Surmountable. The discipline and anonymity is an environment for you to thrive in. Bonuses: you meet your husband, have three beautiful children, influence the lives of hundreds of Soldiers, and earn money toward your lifelong dream. We know that this is just phase one, that we have several obstacles to overcome to reach our ultimate goal. At eight we decided that we would be a doctor. I'm now on my way to making that happen. But you have to take the first step.


If I could go back I would definitely notify myself of being a procrasinator. In high school it's easy to procrasinate and do a quick paper the night before its actually due and get an easy A or B. But when you are in college there is no time to procrasinate unless you want a procrasination grade, a F, or D,. Fall semester was great because we were all excited about college and it was fairly easy to stay on top of things. The key is to not loose focus when you come back from christmas break. In high school all we really cared about was seeing our friends and as for me keeping my grades at a minimum of a B and getting an A whenever I could. In college you need to maintain all A's if possible, it's really easy to loose focus and extremely hard to bring your grades back up once you have let them get below a C. In high school we didn't have to write as many essays, but all of that changes in college. Overall I would just say stay on top of school and keep your grades up.


If I could go back in time and talk to my former self I would come out a completely different person. Making the transition to college from high school was hard for me beacuse I didn't anticipate all the effort it would take. When your in high school people tell you all the time about the extra work load and the harder classess, but when you only care about the freedom to pick your classes and the activities that are planned for you everyday. No one actually prepares you for college. When I was a senior I could slack off, not do work, and sleep in class and I would still pass. In college you can't do that. College classes take a lot more effort if you want to do well. If I were able to go back in time I would be able to save myself from mountains of stress and I would have better study skills. I would also be able to balance my academics, my home life, and my sports better. I would tell myself that I won't be able to get very far by applying only half of myself to academics.


Sleep is crucial! I would tell myself to get on a schedule and work on time management. Leave time for studying and relaxing because both are needed. I would also have my finances more under control. Learn to budget and save as well apply for all kinds of scholarships. By having your money situation figured out it relieves a lot of stress. With scholarships and financial aid covering tuiton you can use any money you earn as extra cash. Another thing I learned a little late was that there are online tools where you can find out about professors. Students post on these boards letting you know the teaching style and how they liked them.


My advice for college students is to not take life to serious. College is meant to be fun and enjoyable. This time in life is a learning process for everyone and meant to help us all reach a career that is fit for us and that we will enjoy. Although the college years are the supposed to and going to be fun, one must also remeber that this is also a time to find what it is that we are meant to do in life. School is hard work and takes dedication and is a great pay off in the end.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to go to college right after graduating high school. I am a returning student and it definitely is more difficult to attend college as a returning student. Mostly I would advise myself to form good study habits early to better combat the work load of college. I would also emphasise that practice is a key part of study, and without practicing you are setting yourself up for failure. Another good piece of advice I eould give myself would be to make friends and be outgoing because having a strong network of friends is very important. You should also volunteer not just to give back to the community but to also build your network. Who you know is important so make an effort to network with as many people as possible while still staying focussed on your studies. Most of all find a point in the day when you can relax and say to yourself "this is my favorite part of the day" because the stresses of college life can be ovewhelming at times.


If I could go back and give myself advice, knowing what I know now, I would definately tell myself that my teachers weren't lying when they said college was hard. I would also tell myself to apply for more scholarships and save up any money possible, college is EXPENSIVE! I would also have taken a Math class my senior year to better prepare for college Algebra, and I probably would've studied harder for my SATs. Most importantly I would tell myself to study hard, read alot, and do my best on everything so I can suceed in college.


The thing I regret most about my senior year of high school was that I never developed good study habits. I was the type of student that could look at material right before a test or quiz and get lucky with a high B or even an A. In college I learned that it takes studying every night just to pass certain classes, but I found out the hard way and didn't perform as well as I would have liked during my first semester . If I could go back to my high school days I would advise myself to learn good study habits and time management.


Assuming I could go back in time and give myself as a high school senior advice in regards to college life and making the transition, I would focus on advicing commitment, hard work, and staying focused. I would advice on commitment because i started college straight out of highschool but i dropped out after one year to start marry and start a family. Not that i regret starting a family, i just wish i had continued in my education instead of having to now return after twenty plus years of being out of school. I would then stress being dedicated in working hard. Strive to be and do the best you can; study, study, study. I would finally advice on staying focused. There are so many distractions that can surround a student that their main focus should be on getting to class, preparing for class, and studying. Life throws many things at you but as long as you remain with a positive attitude and a good outlook on life and school, even when things are diffucult stay committed, work hard, and stay focused.


I would tell myself to pay more attention in my English classes.


Don't procrastinate, spend as much time studying as you can. Try not to go out to eat too much. Make sure you have people in each class who will help you get the notes if you miss a day, but try not to miss any days


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As a high school senior, I was heavily involved with sports: basketball and football. I did a couple of service learning activities with an organization, “Heroes of life,” to keep music an active part of young people’s lives. Using the experience I have now, I would advise myself to make use of community college and volunteer more. I would have benefitted from earning college credits concurrently in high school. I see students graduating at a community college at 18, which is because they took the initiative to advance their education. I had the dedication to school and graduated with a 3.0 overall, but I loved the competitive drive of sports. On the other hand, volunteering helps out on resumes, as well as helping people who do not have time or the less fortunate. Giving up hours to see a smile on a child’s face is more gratifying than wasting those hours playing video games. Many take for granted the amount of knowledge they can gain from a teacher. Therefore, I would recommend staying in touch with my teachers.


Since I'm just now starting out as freshmen in my first college year at AUgusta State University; I would stress the finer importance of making the best out of high school by starting off well in grades, especially the starting point of ninth grade year. I would tell my younger self to stay focus and keep to your own values despite what others may think or do; because it's not about your current location but, it's about how you pave your own successful journey to your future destination. That would be the overall part in making it from ninth through twelth grade. The next thing is to try and be optimistic in all that you do and not to let feel to down or overwhelmed by the changes that go about whther its between letting go of friends and relationships or just being too worriful of what the future may bring. Studying hard for the SAT would've been the next biggest improvement, especially the second time you take it is what I'd tell myself. Finally I would have added the next biggest thing for starting college is to apply for many opportune scholarships before graduation.


To study hard to pass my AP Calculus test and my AP English Language test.


We all watch the TV shows with the college students who attend fraternity parties and spend more time outside of the classroom than in it. Television shows like these make college look like a blast. While, in a way that's true, there is still a much more important aspect of the college life. If I could go back and offer myself advice about the college experience it would be to stay disciplined. In high school you try your best because you want to go to college. In college you try your best because it's your money and future on the line. It is important to stay focused. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to accomplish your goals. Instead of spending the night out with friends, you have to stay in and study for the multiple tests you have that week. It is essential to have priorities. When I began college I had the misconception that studying would take the back seat and socializing would be in the front. I was wrong. The key to success in college is being discplined enough to sacrifice fun for growth.


Well if I could go back in time to talk to myself I would consider going away to college. I would have thought about my major a little better and I would have definently gone with my heart not my parent's. I know money is tight but that's what scholarships are for and loans. I would give myself the knowledge of what the tests are like, I would tell myself to study harder for finals in my last year of high school because it's what helps me prepare myself in college. I would have gotten a job sooner and I would have been able to save some money so I could have gone to the school of my dreams. Thinking about it today, I would have told myself to pay more attention and take my time because once I took that placement test those where the classes I had to take before I could start my major in college.


I would tell myself to make sure I prepare to work really hard. Most students graduate and think that work in college will be a breeze. It is definitely harder than most people think. It requires dedication, focus and determination to succeed. I would say my high school prepared me pretty well, so I kind of knew was I was getting into. College is definitely a life changer and you must stay ahead of the game to make sure you excel.


For the past eight years I have been surrounded by the military; Navy friends, regulations, deployments, and most importantly, Navy schools. My college experience has reminded me that there is indeed life outside of the military sphere. Throughout my entire enlisted tenure, I was always required to study subjects I did not care for one whit. Throwing myself back into college has reawakened the drive I had to pursue knowledge of new things - the same drive I lost when I was constantly forced to study. I am here by choice, and that is reflected in the hunger I have developed for my chosen subjects. The second benefit to attending a university was not obvious at first. The Chemistry and Physics department is chock full of supportive, fun and hardworking students who have slowly become my circle of friends. This doesn’t sound so odd until a person realizes that before I began attending Augusta State University, ALL of my friends were military. Now they number less than 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. ASU has opened up my life to normalcy again, and taught me I can actually enjoy the things I could only remember appreciating before I became a college student.


I have gained so much knowledge about the world because I attend college. Because Augusta State is a pretty tough school, I feel as though I have to work harder and longer to get an A. And because I work hard, I understand the concepts of my classes more. I benefit from each of my classes especially History surprisely. I see how what has happened in the past influences our future. Humanties was also one of my favorites. I plan on traveling one day, and to see what I have been reading and studying will bridge the gap. This college experience has taught me how to talk people , how to sound intelligent when I speak and so much more. It is valuable to attend because it will carry you throughout your life. College is the stepping stone for more opportunities and a better life.


The bigest thing that i have gotten out of college is faith. number 1 faith in Christ 2, faith in people and 3 faith in what i am doing. That i can change the world for the better.


My first year at college was rocky and, compared to the acheivements of my academic career from kindergarten until my high school graduation, an epic disappointment. I had absolutely no idea about what career path I wanted to pursue which caused me to believe that maybe I was not supposed to be in college and just maybe, I was not as smart as I had previously believed. Fortunately, I did discover a very important flaw I have that is currently being mended. I have the raw talent i need to be successful in college: intelligence, willingness to learn, good retention of information. However, what I lack is discipline, study skills, so on and so forth. Now that I know exactly "what I want to be when I grow up," I have a new found determination to excel and actually put forth the effort into making my dreams reality. Attending college as helped me do so and has opened my eyes to "the real world" that is cold and uncaring and waiting impatiently to throw hard work and adult concerns my way. What i have learned and have yet to learn will help me face those problems successfully.


I believe that whatever I experience in my college career will teach me a lot more about who I really am. I have not yet attended this school but I have been accepted and will be attending this school in the fall of 2010


I have learned that the passage of time does not bring success. Success is something I have to work for consistently. I value the degree I will obtain in December of this year because it will offer me more job opportunities in the future.


As an older student returning to school after being in the workforce for years, my college experience has been one of the best things I have ever done. When I was younger, I had no choice but to hit the ground running, so to be able to go back to school after several years and to be able to study history (my passion), has meant everything to me. The value for me personally is in the self-satisfaction. I intend to go on to graduate school and to eventually teach at the college level myself. Now all I need is the money to make it happen!


A sense of security that I haven't felt from anything that I have done so far. College gave me the ability to finally venture off from home to become the individual that I sought out to be, and it opened my eyes giving me the sense that I could accomplish any feat with some college experience under my belt. Additionally, it gave me a better sense of courage that I had been struggling to to grow from an early childhood. I no longer feel insecure around other indivuals like I did prior to going college, and I'm more willing to talk to people that I would be too intimidated to talk to, such as being too shy to talk to females. College has been quite the valuable experience for me, and I plan to get more out of it as I continue strive for my future job in the medical field.


If I went back in time, I would tell myself to study more and learn how to prioritize my work. I have less classes each day than I had in High School, but I do more studying. I would also learn how to cook and manage my money. The meal plans are fine, but I'm not always in the mood for the school food. I'd tell myself not to be too nervous about going to a new school or about not knowing anyone there. I've met some really great people! I wouldn't worry so much about how others might perceive me. As long as I like myself, it doesn't matter what others think of me. I'd accept the fact that I'm not always going to get along with my roommates, and that communicating with them, and making compromises will get us through most situations. Finally, I'd tell myself that college isn't just a lot of work, it's a lot of fun too!


My academic advice would be to learn how to use time wisely. As a procrastinator I have a tendency to wait until the last minute to do things which has had a few bad consequences. I would also tell myself to prepare to live with others. I grew up as an only child so I always had the quiet atmosphere that I like to be in. Living in school housing I no longer have that. I admit I do not like it very much, but I would tell myself that it is not too bad and to make the arrangement seem better to invest in a good pair of ear plugs.


I would tell myself to pick a univerisity that is not too big or too small where I can get my basic core requirements finished with classes that are not so big. I would explain to myself that doing this and then transferring to a more prestigious school for my major concentration is a good plan then choosing a big school right way. This way I would convince myself that doing this I can experience two different kinds of environments without having to sacrifice the stress of having to chase down a professor in core classes that are huge at large univerisities.


If I was able to go back and talk to my high school self, I would say to take more advanced placement classes. These classes not only help get ready for college it also means that you might be able to tke less classes in college. I would also have adviced to do more research on scholarships and different colleges that I would be interested in.


If i could go back in time i would tell myself to take all the ap classes that i had offered to me instead of taking the easy way out. Taking easier classes made my GPA sky high and looked really good on my transcript. Now i wish i would have taken all the AP classes instead of the easier classes to have me more well prepared. I would have had a better advantage of knowing the college material better if i would have tooken those classes. I would also have taken the SAT or ACT more than 2 times if i knew i would have been put into learning support classes my first semester since i didnt score to high in the reading part. The only thing i would change is challenging myself more and making myself work harder than i had.


First off I would go back in time to tell myself that boys do not matter, and that the good ones will come in time; any of the other guys would just get in the way of your studies. As far as accodemics go I would say to buy a lot of index cards. Being in college one has to pay attention to the classes and study a lot, index cards i have found are the best way to study. Unfortunatly i had to find out the hard way about college. All throughout high school I just breezed by without ever studying and stayed on the AB honor roll. My first year in college my grades didn't go as well as i would like and i am paying for it now by having to redo some of those classes, but ever since i started studying and using those index cards i've made A's in every class.


I would have to tell myself to jump on every available scholarship that the school was offering for me. Every dollar helps in college. I was very lazy about applying in high school and therefore now I am filling out this survey to try and win 5,000 dollars so that I can attend college and graduate. I am currently running out of money and my parents decided to make me pay my own way through college. Know this I would've have found an easy job in the summer and put the money away to help throughout the school year. Also I would have done everything I could've to be sure I graduated with a 3.0. I would not have taken any A.P. courses if I would've known how much they would affect my GPA before I graduated. I would have also studied extremely hard for the SAT so that the possibility of getting offered a scholarship would have been much greater. Also I could have clepted the Regents test. The test determines whether or not you can graduate college. This is what I would do if I could go back to my senior year.


If I could go back as a high school senior and give myself advice, I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships and financial aid so I could go away from my hometown instead of staying here. I would also tell myself to apply earlier to colleges and to have done more research on the colleges that I wanted to go to.


That advice for getting ready for college and making the transition would have to be, do not listen to everything everyone says it is not as bad as everyone makes it sound. I also recomend filling out scholarship applications while you are in high school, just because it would make life a whole lot easier and you could use the money to get your car fixed. Also sign up for earlyu classes, it will make physical training with your ROTC unit easier so you can go home and sleep and not become a regular on ASUs couches. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions people arent as unfriendly as they appear, and be sure to bring lunch from home and most important remember when registration is, because the bottom of the barrel wasnt good to us. Keep up the hardwork, it will pay off eventually.


I advice to myself is keep up the good work


I would tell myself to save as much money as possible because college life is expensive, especially the books for classes. I would also tell myself to enjoy spending time with friends and family, because more than likely you will never see the majority of your high school classmates again. Family is important, and I would tell myself to spend more quality time with my siblings and parents, because living three hours away from home, working on the weekends, and being a full-time student does not leave much time to spend with family when they are so far away. The summer before college is the most important and should be spent relaxing and enjoying your last summer. I attend summer courses so the last true summer I had was the summer after I graduated high school; after college, there are no more summer breaks because hopefully, you have a job based on the degree you just earned. I would also tell myself to be picky about my roomates, good friendships can be made or broken based on living with a person, and it should not entered into without much consideration and thought.


If I could talk to myself when I was a high school senior I would say make the best grades possible. Making good grades will help you obtain a higher grade point average. When I was a senior in high school I was pregnant, it got hard at times but I pushed myself to make A's and B's and it really helped bring my grade point average up. Another thing I would tell myself is to read more; I feel that reading is a big part of college and success. You would never catch me with a book in my hands unless it was required for a class; however, if I would have read more boks in my free time it would have helped my brain grow and I would not be taking a support class for reading and English. Finally, take notes your teacher does not talk or write notes on the board for her beneifit it is to help you. Taking notes and paying attention in class will higher your chances of passing tests and the class. Education is very important and must be taken seriously especially if you want to do good in college.


When I was a high school senior, I tended to think that I could allow myself to slack off during class. Although I maintained an A-B average, I wished that I would have taken the time to apply myself more diligently. Also, I would advise myself to apply for more scholarships. I thought that since I would be attending a local college, that I would not need to receive many scholarships. I have realized now however, that it would help greatly. Also, I would tell myself that I fretted too much over situations that could not be controlled. My constant fear was that I was not wearing the right brand of clothes or that my friends thought little of me. I realize now these are not important in life. Finally, I would encourage myself in knowing college life to be not as difficult as I had perceived. It has been a wonderful transition and I have learned so much. I have grown in both knowledge of intellect and in practical intelligence. I believe that I would have been very encouraged by knowing how easy and rewarding college life is to those who apply themselves and work diligently.


I would give advice about the environment. The environment that you will experience as a college student is way more different than the high school experience. First, the studying environment has to be change. High school is so easy to get passing grades because teachers provide with studying materials; however, college is different. Students need to sacrifice their time to read the materials and finish assignments in ahead of time because professors will expect full responsibilities from the students. Second of all, students need to be aware of general environment. College life will be exciting because students will gain much more freedom than from the high school. There will be parties and exciting moments that students can be involved. However, the students need to manage their time to overcome these temptations. Of course they can have exciting time in college, but they need to know the priority which is the education is the first priority than the extra activities.


I would tell myself to stay focused on my academics, because there is a big price to pay when you take your eye off the prize, even for a split second. I would also prepare myself for the real world. When an individual is in high school, they are still very much sheltered and controlled by their parents; when a student goes off to pursue higher education, parents are not there and you are then forced to make decisions and live on your own. This step is something I was not ready for. If I could go back to senior year of high school, I would prepare myself more for the real world.


Be more prepared for the work load you are about to take on. It is so much different from high school and you need to be prepared to do things on your own. Also, learn now how to handle yourself and manage your time. In college, professors dont make you do things or you get a detention or punishment for not turning in something on time. You are on your own in college and the professors dont care if you do things or not. They will give you a zero without second guessing it. If possible, go away to college. You grow up more and learn how to be responsible without the shelter of your parents. You come into your own quicker and can live life more to the fullest without having to submit to your parents rules under their house.