Augusta State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The surrounding culture of Augusta, Georgia may seem troublesome – at first. As I entered my adult years in this city, I sought for specific labels or cliques in the social realm; however, one will soon find that this is not how Augusta functions. In a beautiful phenomenon, social barriers tend to dissipate, and students from all spheres of culture converge in various atmospheres. In reflection of this open-culture, my mind's way of dividing culture collapsed. While I searched to identify with an ideal crowd, I found friendship among the most unexpected of individuals, instead.


There's not always enough parking spaces depending on what time you come to school.


Financial aid office is the worst! This semester I spent at least an hour in there, every day, for a week! I had to call them daily to make sure my info was recieved and processed. When I did call in they would say they saw it had been received but no one had processed it. This delay caused my financial aid not to come in until a week after classes started and my classes to be dropped. I then had to pay a late registration fee to reregister. I do not wish it upon anyone.


I cannot completely answer this question because I haven't yet attended. I will be attending it in the Fall of 2010.


There is practically nothing wrong with the college that I am attending, however, the campus is quite large. It is no picnic to travel from one class on one side of the campus to another class on the other side of the campus.


The frustrating thing is that our school does not provide affordable campus housing. Everything as far as housing wise is too expensive for the typical college student and you practically need to take a loan out to stay in on-campus housing to afford it, sometime even if you have a scholarship.


Availability of job resources.


Its too small


FInancial Aid office. They have very little staff and there a lot of students that try to contact them.


Too many adult students, not enough activities geared towards younger students who want a normal college experience.


When I forgot about the deadline, then I had to finish the assignment on time.


Parking. I park off campus. I find it difficult to justify paying $25 for a parking pass when I have to drive around and look for a spot anyway. I just park off campus and walk.


Sometimes the financial aid office does not inform or remind everyone to renew their paperwork. This is very frustrating when you are expect financial aid and it does not come through.