Augusta State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known the amount of studying it takes to succeed in college. I now know what it takes to get through college, but it is still a struggle. I wish I knew how to manage my time going into college so that my GPA did not suffer.


I wish I would have know about them consolidating with Geoorgia Medical College.


Nothing, I was provided with ample information about the school by friends and staff


Before I began to attend ASU I wish I had known how the advisement system worked. I had missed my orientation, so I was ill informed about how advisement worked. Luckily, the head of the History department was willing to help me when I emailed him. Other than that I believe I was well informed of the school's processes.


There isn't really anything that surprised me. I was already introduced to the school since I knew a lot of people who attended, so there wasn't anything to be told.


I wish I would have known that the whole school is centered around the idea that you have to go to MCG, Medical College of Georgia. They do not talk about anything else besides that. They also do not talk about attending graduate school. If you are not going to MCG then they suggest getting a job in your feild and from there, you are on your own. I wish I would have known I would be guiding myself through school. The advisors can be unencouraging at times so I have learned to encourage myself.


how college really works


There is not campus activity for people in night school.


I wish I had known that Dr. Rickman was such a ridiculously hard ENG 1101 professor! I mean, I'm awesome at English and writing essays and she was tough on me. Be warned!


I wish I would have known what career I wanted to pursue. I also wish I would have looked more closely at the extracurricular activites and groups at this school, what types of classes the school offered, and if there was a wide variety of classes offered. I would have also researched off-campus activities and places to socialize. I would have also looked more at student life on and off campus.


That dining choices are pretty bland.


How horribly boring the school.


There is not much of a social life here.


That the school was kind of boring and that i would miss home a lot.


Financial Aid department is slow, a few of the teachers have a book that we are required to buy and we dont use!


I wish I had known about the construction that was going to take place and affect the parking situation. Since Augusta State is a small college the parking is somewhat limited and the construction projects aren't helping the situation.


That college life would allow for free time to do other activities.