Augusta State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


This school has a beautiful campus and is located in the 2nd largest city in Georgia. The area is beautiful and there is a lot of opporunity here.


The science department prepared me to enter Medical School as well as compete in the workforce. The advisors I delt with were very knowledgeable.


Right now, the music and volleybal team reason being is that i love them both and i have more info on both of them than any other category.


The best thing I consider at ASU is the many student events and activities that are being offered there. I take this as a good thing out of interest since the current high school that I graduated from only had very little for students to get involved in. I also enjoy the way the campus is co


I like the diversity of the students and how everyone gets along with each other. I love campus! I feel so comfortable being there. It's like home away from home.


The student population is not your average, straight-out-of-highschool population; a large portion is made up of non-traditional students with prior military and career experiences.


I like the fact that the campus is small. This makes it easy to get to class even if they are on opposite ends of the campus. The only time there should be a real problem getting to your next class in 15 minutes is if the teacher dismisses the class late or if you have a class in the athletic complex which is a little down the road.


The best thing about my school is the amount of students because it is not to big to small allowing for professors to focus on a group of students at a more personal level.


The best thing i consider about this school is the population. It is not a big college but it is not a small one either. The classes are not to full and the professors are able to spend one on one time with their students. All of the professors are willing to help with every student that asks for it. Another good thing about this school is that the community is good. Everyone is friendly and the people there make people feel welcomed and at home.


The best thing that I like about my school is that it is a good school close to home. I orginally didn't want to go here but when I conceived my son I knew that it would be the best thing to do.


Augusta State University is a normal size University where students and professors can interact without any problems. This is what I really like about this University because professors are willing to spend time with the students to go over the materials together.


The best thing about my school is its clean, neat and organized environment. Augusta state is a nice and clean university inside and out. its very organized and easy to find your way around.


The Biology Program is one of the best programs if you are wanting to get into graduate schools for medicine or Allied Health.


The students work together.


ASU wants its students to succeed. Everything from seminars in the career center on managing time and finding internships to offering resume writing tips for upperclassmen athletes, ASU is committed to preparing the students for the "real world". As a tutor in the writing center, I saw many students who struggled with writing but their teachers and our tutors were taking additional time to help them because writing professionally can be fundamental in almost every career path.


I consider the small learning classes because it is easier to learn and get help from your professor.


Small classes. You learn better in small classes. You get a quality education here depending on the professor.