Augustana College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school has everything I need to be successful. It is a historic campus.


Academically rigorous tight knight community


Augustana College is a school where a student receives excellant one on one time with proffesors and it is small enough where the proffessors know you by name, which is very helpful in the long run!


While Augustana is in a higher bracket academically than many schools, the amount of money they charge is not congruent to the quality of education/living we receive. They attempt to extract more money from their students, parents of students, and the alumni of the school at every possible turn.


Augustana was an amazing place where I met some of my best friends and the opportunities were wonderful - I just wish I had taken advantage of them more.


Great Place


It is a small school that is certainly has a focus on academics, but still has a great social atmosphere about it.