Augustana College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates were people that were equally as driven as myself: interested in the field that they were majoring in. This became interesting in that it affected how they viewed the field: from a more practical to medical to research based. This always lead to good discussion, and learning to see my field from other points of view, as well to help others expand upon their views. It helped all of my classmates, including myself, to grow in our education.


My classmates are friendly and diverse.


My classmates are some of the most diverse people with people involved in sports, greek life, academic clubs, music programs, and volunteer groups to give the most they can to better themselves, the people around them, and the community we live in.


focused and driven to succeed


My classmates are all very enthusiastic about learning and helping each other learn.


My classmates are accepting of other people's views and encouraging to help me learn.


The best friends I have ever had.


I feel that each year I have been at Augie the overall population has become more diverse. I am seeing more students of color, as well as more students from out of state. This is a huge plus for our campus and very exciting to see. As a whole, students are friendly and motivated. To show motivation, lots of students like to go to the library to stay on top of their studies. However, the friendly part of the student body comes out when we spend too much time socializing in the library or coffee shop instead of studying!


The student body at Augustana is fairly casual in general. Most people wear jeans to class with t-shirts or casual shirts. We are fairly relaxed, but that doesn't mean that we are sloppy. When we are expected to dress up for class presentations or internships, people wear business casual or business professional and are not ridiculed or thought out of place. People come from various economic backgrounds, but it seems to me like there are not major divisions in social status according to how wealthy one's family is, which tends to happen in high school. Most of the time, social groups are formed based on what activities students are involved in or what sorority or fraternity someone is in. Even then, people intermingle freely, and that's what I like about the social atmosphere--it's very open.


Most people at Augustana are very friendly and will smile or say, "Hello," even if they don't know you. There are very few social conflicts between different groups on campus. There is a very welcoming environment that felt like home the instant I stepped on campus.