Augustana College Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


I think that we are not in a bubble at all--we may call Augie home and definitely enjoy spending time with the people on campus, but as you get accustomed to the Quad Cities, you start to venture out into it. Whether that's to go to the mall or volunteer is up to you. As for being obsessed with our school, I think that it rings true for some people and not for others. I definitely love being here and I know that when you commit to going to Augustana, it's because you really love it--so I can't say that being "obsessed" is a bad thing.


Not entirely. While the majority of students are Caucasian and from the Chicago Suburbs, many are also from a variety of states and countries. There is a great appreciation for all sorts of different cultures on campus. There is also a massive effort underway to continue increasing the geographical and ethnic diversity of students at Augie. Also contrary to popular belief, not everyone at Augustana is wealthy. There are people from all sorts of different backgrounds including those who are financially secure to the not so well-off. There is no mold to fit when it comes to your financial position.