Augustana College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


I absolutely love the small class sizes at Augustana. Most of the classes I am in have about 20 students each. Professors know you by name... most will still call you by name when they see you walking around campus a term or two later! This personal connection with faculty is something I cherish and feel very lucky to have here at Augie. Whenever a problem arises, your professor is only a phone call or e-mail away. Academics are very important here at Augie. I feel I have received a wonderful, well-rounded education. The liberal studies classes we take provide us with extra knowledge in addition to our core classes for our major. I also love that professors take the time to make sure that their course material connects with material learned in other classes.


Like I said above, academics at Augustana are geared towards preparing you for the community. This is not to say they do not do a fine job of preparing you to land the job in your chosen career path. For my major, Communications, I have had a wide array of classes from which to choose. I have taken classes in interpersonal communication, communication theory, media and technology studies, broadcasting, and political communication. They blend together to give me a well-rounded conception of the communication field, which prepares me for whatever job I might like to try once I graduate. What's more, these classes are in addition to the general education requirements, which led me to take geology and anthropology. These classes were beneficial because they forced me to see outside of my normal communications standpoint. I like being required to take classes outside of my major, because it is interesting to try to find connections between seemingly unalike classes.


As I already mentioned, Augustana has some of the best professors for their knowledge, availability, and passion. Given that professors, not teaching assistants, teach all classes at Augustana, interaction is inevitable. Seeing their enthusiasm for a topic makes you want to learn it that much more. This definitely encourages student initiated group study sessions, class outings, or discussions. All of this takes place in an ever helpful environment. Most students at Augustana want their fellow classmates to succeed along with them and this spurs great relationships where help is freely shared and mentoring is the norm. Classes are not impossible, but will definitely be challenging. I feel as though my high school experience was one that adequately prepared me for the curriculum at Augustana.