Augustana College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


A neat thing about Augustana is that there are so many groups for you to get involved in; the tricky part is narrowing down all the choices and deciding which ones you want to become a part of. Whether you are an athlete or in a sorority/fraternity (you can also do both!), everyone gets along. There are many different groups on campus but together we show pride in representing our school!


Last weekend on Friday night I went shopping with my friend Kara at a mall about 10 minutes from campus, and then we came home to watch movies and cook dinner. Saturday night we went to the basketball game against Washington University (it was packed!), and then we went out to downtown Rock Island to celebrate my friend's 21st birthday. For students not of age, there are plenty of non-drinking related things to do. There are free movies showing on campus every Wednesday and Saturday night, and there is always live entertainment in the coffee house on campus. We also have comedians every other week, as well as guest speakers, bingo and trivia nights, choral and band concerts, ballet, theater performances, and other parties hosted by the Office of Student Activities. People generally participate in the school-sanctioned activities, because they are free and fun. If you're not into what's being offered, the local movie theaters, restaurants, and bowling alleys are withing close driving distance, or you can ride the Metrobus for free using your Augie ID.


It is often said that if you get bored at Augustana, you are just not getting out of your dorm room! Especially on the weekends, there is a plethora of activities and performances to attend. So many, in fact, that often times the decision is which one of the great activities to go to. From comedians to large concerts to movies, there is never a lack of activities going on. For students who are interested, there are fraternities and sororities on campus that offer a large line-up of social and service activities. Something else for interested students are faith-based activities. There are four worship services on campus every week, service trips, and a multitude of different opportunities for fellowship every week.