Augustana College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I would suggest that anyone could attend this school. No matter who you are, there is always others similar to you that you can join. I myself was rather introverted, yet I still managed to make friends that I still communicate with and see even after graduation. This campus is for all people, and can help any type of people. It did help me out in the long run, so it can help others.


I think as long as you have a passion to learn and get involved, this school is for you. The campus is smaller but that does not mean that people are not enthusiastic about the things they do. They love what they do and they take school seriously because ultimately that is why we are here.


The kind of student that should attend Augustana College should have an impressive work ethic, pride, and a thirst for knowledge. Augustana College is a one-hundred and fifty year old college that has continued the same traditions and has upheld its status of a highly regarded institution throughout the years. Students at Augie are extremely involved on campus to make sure there is something for everyone. Student activities on campus are held almost every day to ensure that we the students are getting as much as possible out of our college career.


Someone who is able to prioritize and is willing to work hard. They should be outgoing and willing to get involved with different clubs and organizations. They need to have some saved up money because tuition here is always going up. Musically inclined people would love it here! They also have an amazing science program, so if Pre-med or Pre-vet is on your list check out Augustana.


Someone who is ready to hit the books and be ready to work hard 6-7 days a week. If you are from the lower middle class, you may not be able to afford this school due to huge tuition fees.


Anyone who attends Augustana College is up for a great expierience. Augustana focuses on Sociology, Busisness and Sciences so there is a lot to choose from. If you are up for great teaching as well as an awesome athletics program, this IS the school for you. All the professors at Augustana take large amounts of their time and focus it on you. Students have the ablity to call them almost any time of day if they have a question on anything at all. AMAZING SCHOOL!