Augustana College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is willing to expand and welcome others. It is a very friendly college.


Honestly, Augustana is a very open environment. We have people from around the world attending.


Someone who wants to attend a large college. It is a small liberal arts school. If someone is looking to live in a big city, Augustana College is not the place to attend.


If you value a highly diverse and socially active school in a high-pace area, then this is NOT the school for you. Augustana is a good school with lots of great people, but most of its stuents are from the suburbs of Chicago and it is not very diverse and it is rather relaxed. The city of Rock Island itself is also not very exciting, so if you want a city experience, this isn't for you.


A person that is not driven to succeed, and assumes that they can get by in life with very little effort.


If the person sees school as just a place to hang-out and party then it would not be a good choice.