Augustana College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Class registration goes by credit hour, but sometimes classes fill up quickly


I have found that there is a severe lack of communication between students and college administration. To me, it seems that the college administration assumes that students will find out information on their own and because of this, the college administration does not share certain information with students and expects students to take responsibility for acquiring the information. I believe that just because students are expected to live up to their potential as adults, that does not mean that students should just "know" certain things. The college needs to take better responsibility for informing students when it is necessary.


Augie charges way too much and provides far too little.




The college is trying so har to be a 'green' campus that they are spending too much money on new campus cars, new 'green' buildings that it seems that they're more concentrated on that more than their own students and the progress they make.