Augustana University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Alot of my classmates are good friends, along with being good quality friends they are also foreign exchange students who bring a whole new perspective to how I see things in the world.


My classmates are brilliant, open-minded, supportive, and most importantly, friends.


Unlike any of my classmates in Vegas, the ones here actually like people and thoroughly enjoy interaction between people.


People at Augustana tend to be from either South Dakota or Southwestern Minnesota. Therefore, many are from rural areas and very small towns. However, they are some of the nicest people you will meet. Augustana also does a great job of recruiting international students to study here, which make up for the diversity that its "traditional" students lack.


My classmates are humble and understanding, and I like that we have small class sizes, so that everyone gets to know each other on a personal level.


My classmates are caring and creative individuals who are usually studious.


Everyone is very helpful and friendly you can talk and make friends with almost everyone.


All the classmates are very helpful and most of the time willing to share notes if you missed a day in class, they are also very easy to get along wtih and are deicated to their work.


My classmates are people that enjoy learning, are excited about their field of study, and like going to school at Augustana.


My classmates are fun, amazing, and brilliantly intelligent.


My classmates are very friendly. I have yet to met someone I don't like. Plus I am a little shy but someone will always say hi to me in every class so I meet at least one person.


I would describe my classmates as the best people you will ever meet.


My classmates here at Augustana are well-rounded, respectful, and helpful; truly genuine.


Because Augustana is very selective in who they admit to the college, the majority of my classmates are very intelligent and hardworking individuals between the ages of 18 and 20.


Most of my classmates are easy to get along with. I have enough friends in my classes that I don't feel alone., and I feel comfortable enough around my classmates that I can voice my opinion without fear of being ridiculed. My classmates are sometimes not very focused on schoolwork during class, and they don't seem to take a few of the classes seriously, but enough of them take classes seriously to make it a good learning environment.


My classmates are good people. Because of the small campus, you probably will know several people in each class, and you know the names of almost everyone by the time the semester is up. Classmates here care a lot about their education. They are focused and dutiful. Everyone tends to pull their own weight on group projects. Most of my classmates participate in class discussions: there aren't many quiet people. Overall, they are generally good, friendly, hard-working people.


The majority of my classmates are liberal, but very open-minded.


They are all nice.


My classmates are urgent to succeed and to have as much fun as they can at the same time, which does not always work.

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