Augustana University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Lutheran and Scandinavian heritage and local/regional success


All the staff here are very friendly and are willing to take time out of their busy day to help you. If you get lost on this campus you can easily go up to a worker and ask them for directions. The professors here are very nice. They give you their cell phone number so that you can reach them if you have a question. Even the food staff are friendly, they always say hi and ask how you are doing. It is so pleasant to have see so many friendly people.


Augustana is known for a few different things. One thing it is widely known for is its Christian roots. Many students have enrolled in Augustana simply because of this aspect of the school. The students are also involved in the school in many different ways, there's numerous clubs and student activities going on all the time. Students know this school may be focused on education, however there is still much fun to be had.


Augustana is known as the "Harvard of the midwest." Simply put, Augie is the best of the best, offering a great education close to home.


Augustana is best know for its academic prosperity and great oppertunities for its students. Students are given a great oppertunity to leave college with an idea that they will already be able to find a job or something in the field they are looking for because Augustana has such a great track reecord that many employers seek these students out. Augustana is best known for its ability to personally connect with its students in a setting that shows these students that the professors care and are willing to take the extra mile to help you succeed.


Augustana is best known for it's sense of community. The staff goes out of their way to make sure the students feel welcomed and comfortable. The advisors and mentors do an amazing job of being there for the students if they need them. Also, the students work with one another and reach out to each other at all times. Augustana truly has a "home" feeling where everyone seems to be family.


Augie has an outstanding nursing department that many students come to participate in. The art facilites and the music facilites are top grade.


Augustana College is best known for its academic excellence and its job placement percentage post-graduation. It is said that when employers from the area see that you attended Augustana College, they automatically put your application ahead of the others. Let's not forget about Augustana College's athletic excellence as well, though. We are known for competing in all sports at a very high level and going very far in our competitions. Lastly, Augustana College is known for being a homey college. It really is a second-family away from home.


Augustana College is known for its outstanding students that continue and pursue a successful career. Not only are the graduates successful in their career, but also as individuals in that they understand, respect and act on the five core values at Augustana which are Christian, Liberal Arts, Excellence, Community and Service. Augustana stays a part of the students' lives as they continue their journey into the rest of their lives.


Augustana College has a very good reputation in the area, especially in the areas of education, nursing, music, and the sciences. Like I mentioned in the previous box, outside of the Midwest, it's just another private, liberal arts college.


Augustana College has a great reputation overall as a liberal arts college, but has a strong science program. They have many research opportunities for students to have hands-on learning within a specific department. In addition, students are able to work with the professors at Augustana, allowing students to create a relationship with their professor. Always happy to help a hard-working student, the professors make time to aid students in their classes. Another great thing about the science department is that the professors challenge the students. They do not want mediocre but they want students to achieve their best.


Augustana is best known for being a liberal arts school. Music, art, and theater are big--but there is much more to Augustana then just that. Athletics, scientific research, and a great nursing program is also what makes Augustana such a great school. There is so much being offered at Augustana that it is overwhelming, however, it is a great school that gives one a great educational background for life after college.


Liberal Arts as well as the well known science programs


Augustana is well known for the "Augie Advantage." When future employers see that you attended Augustana they often give you a second look because of the high educational standards of the school.


Academic Integrity


The nursing, chemistry, and education departments are the three areas Augustana College is known prominently for. An education in any of these three programs practically guarantees employment or entrance into a good graduate program. Many of the other departments are quite small in comparison to these three, but the workload is challenging yet rewarding. Dr. David O'Hara (Philosophy) is a professor beloved by the students of Augustana College for his genuis and character. He is a shining example of the faculty of Augustana college, they are real people that are both intelligent and charismatic.


Augustana is well known for its Christian affiliation, academic rigor, and music opportunities.


division 2 athletics. academics. voluteering/giving back to the community.


Academic excellance

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