Augustana University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The Augie advantage is amazing.


The community here. The atmosphere is unlike anywhere else that I toured. I have never felt excluded or felt pressured to be someone I'm not. There really is something for everyone here. There are parties, of course, but there are always people and places to turn to if you need a quiet study night. That being said, the omelet bar in the cafeteria isn't a bad way to start your morning.


We have awesome food. The chefs here have created this dish called "The Augie Bowl", but don't be fooled; they serve this delectable meal on a plate. With a grand collaboration of soft mashed potatoes, crispy popcorn chicken, golden corn, and homemade gravy, this feast will sway anybody's decision to choose Augustana for their college experience.


I always brag about how great my professors are and how fun and interesting they make all of the classes. My friends from other colleges complain about having boring classes, but I have never had that problem. My professors are always so enthusiastic about the subject that they're teaching that students can't help but be interested too. There are not very many pure lecture classes. Almost every class has student involvement, either through discussions or otherwise. By keeping students involved and truly caring about the subject material, there is never a dull moment with my professors.


I always brag about what a fantastic education I am getting. Not only academically, but the whole package is really great. The classes are challenging and they also make you think about the big picture. I also brag about being accepted there and the great scholarships that were offered to me.


The location! I was born and raised in Sioux Falls and am excited to say that it is growing into a pretty great place. Being the largest city in South Dakota it is awesome that Augustana is situated right in central Sioux Falls.


Augustana College is a private, Lutheran college in the heart of Sioux Falls. It has about 2,000 students on-campus and class sizes of about 20-30 on average. The professors here are engaged in teaching their students as well as get to know them on a personal level i.e. going to sporting, theater or musical events and shows. The students here are open minded and enjoy their time with others here. There is always something to do on campus whether it is studying or hanging out with friends at campus events.


My school is really fun. All the people are extremely friendly and ready to have a good time.


I have a 13:1 professor to student ratio, the meals from the Commons are delicious, and my roommate is now one of my closest friends. It seems that my friends at other colleges and universities just don't have the same blessings that I do.


Knowing the professors and being a "teachers pet". Being able to communicate with the professors is really nice.


- Fun and engaged student activities - Diverse Courses - Convenient Tuition Payment Plan - Talented and patient professors - Helpful faculty staff


I am most excited about attending a school that challenges every student in as many ways and areas as possible. I am proud to say that I have to work very hard to earn the grades I receive.


Free J-term classes, the small campus, professor's doors are always open and they are always willing to meet with you, the professors also care about you as a person and want to get to know you as an individual


When I'm telling my friends about my school, I tell them exactly how I feel. Augustana is an expensive school that requires dedicated and committed students. You need to want to put yourself into your education because much is expected of you. It is obvious that you are paying for the quality education you're receiving. Although Augustana is a tough school, they provide you with amazing professors who are experts in their field. Along with the teachers, you have access to experiences you might not get and tools for success. Augustana is a great school!


When I brag about Augustana College, or "Augie," the main topic that I bring up is the level of difficulty. Compared to other schools in the nation, Augustana does not have the highest average ACT scores or the richest students, but it does have a high level of rigor that I am proud of. I brag to my friends by telling them how hard I work to achieve and maintain good grades, and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction to know that I am doing everything I can do be great at my job someday.


My friends at Augustana are amazing people. They are fun, relaxing, and actually care about the community they are in. That's a big deal, and I like to brag about them to my old pals back home.


The people (students, faculty, etc.) are extremely nice and welcoming. The size is just right for me. It's on the smaller side, but that way you get to know pretty much everyone, and I enjoy that warm, close community. There are many activities and groups to get involved in where you meet people and grow as a person. We have awesome coffee houses in the Back Alley. The facilities are very nice. Dorms are welcoming and make meeting people very easy. Getting around campus takes about 8 minutes from the longest side to the other. Augustana is the best!

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