Augustana University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


As a person very grounded in my faith in God, I find the fact that this doesn't truly feel like a Christian school very frustrating, and even discouraging. The amount of drinking, partying, and destructive behavior is ridiculous. People complain about the state of the dorms, or the low-quality of the school and facilities. But a college is primarily made of up people, so if students stepped up and took responsibility for their school, their peers, and themselves, this school would be a better place. And turning first and foremost to God is the first place to start.


The small size of Augustana College can also be restricting for students. Minority students may have difficulty relating to other students.


The worst thing about the school is the food service is sometimes hit or miss. The meals are usually pretty good, but some days its hard to find good meals.


I would consider the worst thing about Augustana to be how similar it resembles high school at times. Because it is a smaller school it is easier for people to fall into the cliques and stereotypes of high school.


The worst thing about my school is the price! I realize that I signed up to pay for it, but after actually attending, I have started to realize how much I am actually paying to go here. I think Augie is a great school, but sometimes I wonder if the quality of the experience is worth the amount we are paying.


Underage alcohol consumption is what I consider the worst thing about my school. My school is supposed to be a dry campus, however, there is a lot of alcohol consumption. It is not a good decision to be making and it does not reflect on any of Augustana's core values.


The worst thing about Augustana is the temperature in the dorms, especially at night. My roommate and I often leave our window open all night long just because the room is too hot and it is difficult to sleep. Class-wise, there are very few negatives.


that its not too divers.


The worst thing about Augustana is the price. Many people are turned away at such a high price that they don't even try to look into getting financial aid. I too was looking somewhere else because the price, even with some scholarships, was almost unacceptable. However, look past the price and know that if you need for financial aid you can get it.


The worst thing is not having undergroudn tunnels that are safe because it gets very cold and even though the campus isn't very big you still freeze fairly quickly.


Though trivial and comes with a small school, Augustana College lacks the number of degrees major state schools have. For example, Augustana College does not have a social work major. Though you may find what you are considering on the list, consider this: A liberal arts education forces you to explore multiple disciplines which will inevitably force you to change your mind pushing you to a subject area not covered.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of activities on weekends. As a student who does not spend time partying, I try to find exciting things to do on campus, and have found this increasingly difficult as the year progresses. My friends and I have spent many weekends trying to find activities to do around the Sioux Falls area because Augustana host few weekend events on campus.


The worst thing about Augustana is the tuition. It's a private liberal arts college with the private college's pricetag. The professors were awesome but I have had professors just as good at South Dakota State University and it costs half the price of Augustana College.


The biggest challenge in attenting Augustana College is being a non-traditional student and finding the time to complete the large amount of course work.


No wireless internet and laundry is not connected to our student IDs


The dorms at Augustana are old and need updating.


I honestly cannot say one terrible thing about my school. It is everything you should be looking for in a college experience. You are given so many incredible opportunities, guidance, and support. If I had to say one thing that my school lacks or what I would say is worst about it, would be tuition. My school is rather expensive. Since it is a private school the tuition is much higher. Being a full-time college student who can only work a part-time job, having to come up with my tuition fee is pretty tough.


The worst part about going to Augustana, other then the dorms would be the cost. I absolutely love the liberal arts education I receive. I am able to explore a variety of fields and have it count towards my major. I simply wish that it would not cost so much. This is a rather idiotic statement to make considering that in order to receive a quality education with good teachers; one should expect a large price tag. I see this in every other facet of my life. I do wish that there were more scholarship or work-study opportunities available.


Dorms: The rooms are small (but most dorms are), the computer lab in the dorms are slow, and you can hear everything echoing in the halls. There is also barely any parking so most students have to park on the street. Honestly, these are all manageable things, but it is the worst I could think of. Other than this Augustana is a great school with such great courses and opportunities to get involved.


Augustana channels too much energy and money into their football program. Although the football team is very talented and everyone likes to win games, the football team doesn't seem to be a part of the college.


Augustana is famous for her excellence in science and music, but the sports teams get all the funding. We're building a new football stadium, but meanwhile the dorms, science center and humanities building are outdated and getting run-down.


We are a small, Christian, midwest college so although there is some, there is not a lot of ethnic or spiritual diversity.


very clique-y. not very open to new comers. exclusive.


I seriously can't think of something that is the "worst".


They won't allow us to serve ourselves in the dining hall. Also, this year, we have smaller trays and cups. They're treating us like babies.


1.) I live about 4 hours away from it 2.) The majority of the people are white--not much diversity. Not that the people are closed-minded, just that I think a lot of them could more of a "worldly" experience. 3.) Too many people who go to Augustana are from Sioux Falls and already have their groups of high school friends there.

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