Augustana University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I believe anyone should attend Augustana, because it is a close knit community with a huge international draw from many different regions of the world, so it goes to say really ANYONE can, and should, attend Augustana.


Someone who wants to push themselves. It is a great school for many different areas.


This school is filled with bright ambitious students from all around the world. Augustana is also strong in its Christianity beliefs. We have a strong population of international students, as well as many students from right here in Sioux Falls. The teachers here do not let you "slack-off," instead they push you to become who they've come to know you can be. If you have big dreams, you're a hardworking student, have strong Christian relationship, and want to have fun with new friends all while studying hard, Augustana is the right place for you to be.


People who are up for a challenge. People who love people. People who are ready to have their minds and beliefs tested and strengthened.


Every kind of person should attend this school. Augustana is a place for everybody that is looking for an academic adventure in their life!


A person who is willing to work for all of the great oppertunities that they see in front of themselves and into the future. A person that wants to go to Augustana must be willing to sacrifice the ability to relax and use that time to go out and make themselves a stronger and more compatablew student for the needs of the college. A person who not only understands that they need to work for evrything they get, but a person that is willing to go the extra mile to make sure things get done.


A person attending Augustana College should have a strong desire to succeed and put forth his or her best efforts. Professors here strive for each and every student to achieve their goals. With hard work and dedication to meet them halfway, these goals become attainable. As a student at Augustana it is expected that one goes above and beyond in order to have the most growth in their area of study, for example taking research positions, being a teaching assistant or studying abroad. If willing to work hard, one will be led in the right direction at Augustana.


I recommend all types of people to attend.


I wouldn't say that there isn't a specific person that should attend Augustana. We have a wide variety of people that attend Augustana, but if i had to I would say that Augustana is perfect for students who like a wide variety of course selection and very high rated majors. I would also recommend Augustana to students who want small classroom sizes and a little bit of a challenge in their courses. Augustana is a decently small college so it's very easy to make friends and get to know people and fit in very quickly.


A person who is not afraid to be challenged. The school has a reputation for being difficult and for good reason but the school offers a plethora of resources to help you succeed.


I would like to suggest Augustana College to students who have high passion for Nursing Program. Augustana College is also suitable for students who want to major in Business and Music programs. Moreover, Augustana College (aka) Augie has different activities for students. Augie's Study Aboard Program is popular for adventurous students. Students who don't want to study abroad can still have many international friends from 30 countries at Augie. Therefore, I would like to suggest Augie to students who want to enjoy their college life with diverse activities, courses, and students coupled with talented professors.


I believe anyone could attend Augustana College. It is a very good college that will challenge you intellectually and will lead you to explore depths of your mind that you didn't know existed. The college offers a wide variety of majors and pre-professional programs for students. The Union Board of Governors, a student-led organization, organizes a great variety of events to attend, from bowling to free movies to dances! There are also a lot of international students at Augustana, and interacting with them can expand your view of the world.


I think Augustana is for everyone. We have a very diverse campus and alot of foreign students. The campus is beautiful and the class rooms and all facilities are state of the art. By far the nicest I saw while visiting campuses. We have great pride in this school. It is always clean and ready for visitors and people are happy to help out when you look lost. The classes here are hard but the professors actually know you and are available to help.


The kind of person who should attend Augustana is one who wants to be challenged in their education. As a student at Augustana, I have been impressed with how much I have been taught in my classes. The professors expect a lot form students, and I have found this to be an overwhelmingly great thing. Students interested in Augustana should know that they will be learning a lot, but with they will need to work hard. Students who are up to the challenge should apply.


This school is for motivated people who WANT to learn. If you are a slacker it will be a tough row to hoe. Augustana is not just a college, it is a community. People who want to make a difference and be known are a definite fit for this college. If you like professors who actually care how you are doing and know you by your name then Augie is for you. This is a Christian Liberal Arts college, so if you're interested in learning about studies that don't directly relate to your major this is good.


Anyone is welcomed to attend Augustana, however, I'd recommend it to those who are serious about their studies, want a closer relationship with professors and students (enjoy small community feeling), want to become a more well-rounded person, and grow in their Christian faith.


The kind of person who should attend Augustana is someone who DOES NOT have a problem paying thousands of dollars out of pocket, someone who likes to drink to socialize, and someone who knows exactly what they want to do for a career. These people will fit in best.


A person who is ready to work really hard, think conceptually and analytically! It is important to realize that they will be learning more than just their subject area. They will be learning other subjects that will make them a well-rounded person. They will learn appreciates many things besides just their subject area.


The best trait of Augustana College is its faculty. If you are a genuinely curious student that has interest in all fields of academia, the professors of Augustana will accomodate you. The faculty and employees of this college are dedicated to making the most of your time at Augustana, and they want you to succeed. Overall, this college is best suited for the curious of mind and one wanting a high quality liberal arts education.


The opposites of mentioned above.


People attending this school are energetic, friendly, and hard-working. This school is really meant for people who are seeking to experience a fine academic institution. They need to be accepting, open-minded, and caring people.


This School is ment for people who want to broden their horizens and expand their world. It is an engaging academic school that will push students to see what their abilities really are.


Anyone can attend this school. It is a great school and is fitting for any type of person. If you enjoy learning and want to be succesful in life, attend this college.


Augie students should be academically driven, vocal in their beliefs, and in search of a well-rounded, liberal arts education. Most students are middle-class WASPs. The school could greatly benefit from a wider variety of racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, as well as students from other areas of the country. Students should be prepared to have their critical thinking abilities challenged in a variety of fields.


Someone who is goal oriented, and that likes the feel of a smaller school.

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