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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice that I would give myself would be that I should of pushed harder back then. I should of been more active so that I could carry that enthusiam with me to school. I would of looked at more schools even though I am proud to be a bronco. I would of done more to get to know this school better. I was in FSU Upward Bound and I am also attending Fayetteville State Now. I should got out and experienced the campus more and took a lot of oppurtunities that were given to me. I would of knew more people and I would of enjoyed my first semester here so much more. I would of focused more on academics and done all that I could of. I would just change my whole aspect about college and the easy life.


In high school, students focus on what is the cool thing to do instead of what fulfills themselves. It is important to remember that there is more to life than high school, a wider culture, larger diversity, more serious life changes, and consistent change. Focus on being yourself and finding who you are so that you may have a firm foundation to build upon in college.


My advice would be to never take for granted the people you have met in your life. Also utilize every lesson that has been learned and continue life with an open mind because there is always a lesson to be learned whether it be a recipe for a food or a procedure for preparing a specimen. Another thing i would tell myself is to share your story with everyone. Always apply for scholarships because there are people and groups that are dedicated on helping out studentsthat need financial support like Campus Discovery.


When I was in high school I thought that college, even a community college, would be different. It is not. You still have the same stupid cliques, the same stupid drama, and the same types of teachers. The actors do get weirder though. No real big surprise there. There is a bit more freedom in what you study and what you do, but your peers will still pressure you into NOT joining some stupid club, or voting for student body president. Another thing that gets weirder in college is the locker rooms. Trust me, nothing quite makes your morning go south than a naked old woman showering in the locker room. Gross. But nothing is as awesome as a HOT shower after dance class. You will meet some amazing professors and students though. There are still people out there that you should try and talk to, because they can be facinating. That self-proclaimed "compositionist" English teacher? He has some amazing ideas. That weird girl that wears the collar? She is really smart and funny. Talk to people and place judgements aside. Your college experience will be much better for having done so.


You have the most wonderful gift--life. An education is going to help you make the most of it, but life doesn't begin after graduation. It's happening right now. Studying, homework, experience, all of those things are important, but before you can really put them to use, have dreams. In college, you will go to Argentina, play rugby, and write poetry. You will be amazing and goofy and lazy. What's more important is that you don't dwell on what others want. Take advice now and then, but follow your gut (you have intuition for a reason!). The first days, weeks, months will determine how you shape your days. So start running early. Being away from Mom and Dad will feel so freeing, but coming home will become less frequent. Hug them. Know that there are some lectures worth waking up for, and some that aren't; get up anyway! Like Dad always says, it's better to be making money than spending it (emphasis on not spending)--keep your day job, it'll remind you that doing homework isn't so bad. Live a little, I'll see you in New Student Orientation.


If I could go back to high school I would tell myself to be prepared. I didn't think college would be as difficult as it actually was. I would tell myself to get into a strict study habit in order to get used to the study requirements that come with a college education. I would also tell myself to try and find a good social and school work balance because college demand a lot of time with the homework and studying that needs to be done and figuring out a balance between your social life and your school life is important in order to "survive" college. I would tell myself to not be scared, yes college is a big step and a big change from high school but it is also the best change one can make. You become more open to the world and is truly the place where you find yourself and the person that you want to be.


The classes that teachers told me would prepare me for college weren't necessarily always the best to take. Any student to who is responsible and can take school seriously will be able to handle college. Instead of taking classes that were "college preperatory" I would have taken more classes that offered actual college credit. Classes such as AP or even college classes that were offered through the school would have been much more advantageous. As far as extra-curriculars were concerned I would have participated less. Teachers kept telling us if we wanted to get into a good college we needed a million extra-curriculars. Extra-curriculars are good to a point. There are too many kids working a job, playing 3 sports, and in the school play. When I was in high school I should have kept more time for myself. Live life and have fun with friends. There will always be another cause and another organization to join. My high school friends and memories came and went too fast. The relationships in life are what makes it sweet. I wish I could go back and savor those nostalgic moments.


High school was the stepping stone to my career. Taking high school more seriously could have helped me out instead of slacking. When it came time to transition to college, summer shouldnt be an exucse to slack off either. Instead, I encourage students to keep their brains up to date. Simply complete math problems, rent pratice books from the local libary, and even contact your professors to get a heads up on what they will be teaching. College is all about determination and planning. During the transition have a plan mapped out such as money to spend in food, communting or living on campus, and what career path will that student pick. Be determined to be the best of all your classmates, stand out to your professors on the grading scale. All future college students should understand advancing onto college will predict whether they achieve high expectations in life or work at a grocery store for the rest of their life. The transition to college is about becoming someone, shaping a child to a well rounded knowledgable adult ready to tackle the real world.


The first thing i would say to myself would be that college is very important if you want to be successful in this world. I would say that goingto college right out of high school is what should be done. Do not procrastinate or wait 10 years like I did. I put my dreams on hold to ensure someone else's happiness and that is not a great idea. Education should come before any man/woman. Some learn that the hard way and the 2012 me learned it that way. As a high school senior, you have your whole life ahead of you so do not rush it and try to grow up so fast. You should enjoy and embrace the college life and get yourself established and graduated before trying to please others. The high school "me" is still very passionate about helping others before myself as is the 2012 "me", but you only get the opportunity to endure all that college has to offer if you choose to better your education and make a life for yourself.High school senior "me" needs to take care of herself first and others last and remember that dreams do come true.


Study study study. Don't fall behind in classes when you start in the fall once you fall behind you will spend forever trying to catch up and then you will feel desperate. Don't give up on yourself and always believe you can do it. Work every day to do the best you can. College is a change and leaving home for the first time is hard but a year from now when you are going back for your sphomore year you will not regret the decision. Don't be shy people will love you! You will make a lot of new friends it will just take time!


Well if I had known then what I know now about college, I would have advised myself to study hard and make good use over time. Because campus life is to make the most of it is studied once in life and if you want to get ahead have to start from the beginning with enthusiasm and strength. In the past I would have liked me to have the ability I have now I would have avoided many problems but I was never a bad person could do better work than they've done so far. But we can not turn back time I have left now is to optimize, to one hundred percent what I have at the time and to achieve my goals and continue with the greatest enthusiasm. For so my family can get ahead and be able to promise a successful future. So with the help of God to follow my path and to prosper.


Looking back on my high school days I would have told my high school self to pay more attention to my school work and less attention to what everyone else says about you. In my school there were mainly two types of people - the jocks and the music geeks, I was a music geek. Most the time I got alot more greef from the jocks because I did play sports in high school for the first two years. I played volleyball and was really good at it. However, I also participated im my shools Showchoir. So for those two years I was seen as a very versitile person who was good at both. But then my junior year I decided not to go back out for volleyball. My coach made it impossible for me to participate in both sports, so I was forced to choose between the two. I chose Showchoir and after that my reputation was never the same. However, now looking back I would have told myself to not care what others think, because when you get to college, you are accepted for who you are and no one expectsyou to change that.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior about college, I would tell myself quite a few different things. One of the things I would tell myself is to keep an open mind about new and different people. My high school is about 100% white, so going to college and seeing people of different backgrounds was very interesting. Keeping an open mind and accepting others that are different is one of the things that I would tell my high school self. The other thing I would tell myself is to be prepared to make new friends. When you are in high school, it is hard to think of a world outside of high school. When you go to college you meet new people and try new things, which is exactly what I did and is something I would tell myself in high school if I had the chance. There are many important things that I would like to tell my high school self, but keeping an open mind and trying new things are the two that have made the biggest impact on me so far in my college career.


If it were possible to travel back in time and converse with my former self, I advise her to never place restrictions on herself. I would tell her to never be afraid to speak her mind in classes, even if she is the only freshman. Throughout my freshman year in college, I have more often than not been the youngest and most inexperienced member in the classroom, and because of this I have talked myself into inadequacy and silence. This is not the proper response. I wish I had realized sooner that even if I were to speak up and be incorrect, and least I learned; at least I gained the ability to verbally synthesize my thoughts and share them with a group. I wish I never would have let fear of rejection based on my gender or self-perceived ignorance create in my mind a sort of deficiency in insight, becasue it is simply not there. My past-self would benefit greatly from the warning to not let anybody, even oneself, make you feel unworthy or inferior.


Dear Learning Leah, College is an extremely hard transition. It takes time. Don't waste precious hours worrying about if things won't work out. Get ready for some mental breakdowns, and know that you are not the only freshman going through it, even if you feel like a crazy person. You may not find that group of friends right away, but they are out there. Your other high school friends care about you, but they are also moving on with their lives. You really don't need a boyfriend, especially a freshman. Focus on your school work. This will not come as easily to you as it did in high school. It is difficult, but all of the hard work pays off. Those not so wonderful eating habits will turn out to take their toll on you. Working out is actually fun, you should try it sometime. Don't be surprised when you change your major three times in the first semester. Follow your passion, not what people think you should become. I would really try to get as much sleep as possible, whenever you can. Stay active, involved, and Have so much fun! Love, Doing Well Leah


Remembeing what it felt like as a high school senior, it seemed like I could never get enough information about college life. Knowing what I do now, I would give my high school self three pieces of advice. First, college classes are harder than high school classes because they are meant to push you. Teachers give the advice to manage your time and prioritize and in college, it is needed to take that advice in order to accomplish all your homework. Schedule a daily time in order to study for a specific class. You will be thankful when test time comes because you are already that much more prepared and ahead of the game. Another important thing is that it does not pay to stress out. Take it day by day, or even hour by hour if needed, when getting reading for college and transitioning to the college life. It makes a big difference in how you handle your situations. Thirdly, do not be afraid or too shy to go out and try something new. College is a great time to be bold and get out of your comfort zone. You may stumble upon something that you really like.


Hannah, you’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you. I can’t give you much advice, but listen up. If you don’t pay any attention now, it will take you two years to figure this out. You’ll spend your freshman and sophomore year stressed, anxious, and not enjoying life like you once did. Like I said, you’re not going to believe this, but when you get to college, care less. Care less about your grades, they will fall into place. You don’t need perfect grades, you need to love learning. You can’t fully appreciate your education if you’re constantly worried about getting all A’s. Care less about what people think about you. College is about so much more than your education – you’ll meet people who will change your life and create relationships that hold incredible value. Hannah, this seems so simple, but you need to hear it now. Be yourself! I know you’re excited to go to a new place where you can “be anyone you want to be,” but the most successful and liked person is the one you are, without trying to please everyone.


If I could speak to my high school self I would advise him to not treat the advice of my high school teachers as a bother. I would advise him to take school seriously and apply myself so that I wouldn't be without direction when I entered college. There are ver important lessons that are to be learned by having a job at a young age such as networking and dealing with people in the workplace. These are things I struggled with when entering college and adapting to the lifestyle of being an adult. There is no one in college pushing you to succeed but yourself, and that is the biggest failed assumption that I made. In high school if you were failing a class, the teacher would tell you daily to do better, attend class more often or whatever your academic fault was and they would advise you on how to progress and succeed. In college you have no limitations, there is no one fixing your mistakes for you or telling you what your next move should be. College was the first step, for me, towards my maturity as an adult.


I would tell myself to start early in the application process for college. If you start early then the transition to college will be so much easier on yourself. Applying early will relieve a lot of stress on you than waiting until the last minute when a deadline is due. If you start applying early to colleges and as soon as you get accepted to one that you would like, its best that you start getting your financial aid ready and any other thing you need for college. While applying for colleges you should also apply to multiple scholarships to help pay for your education. You can never apply to too many scholarhips, the more money you have the easier it will be on yourself and your family depending on your wealth. The summer before you leave for college I believe that its best to get a summer job so when you do go to college you wont have to depend on your parents as much. So basically having your own financial security. In a much simpler way, start your application process early and dont procrastinate.


I would tell myself not to take the first year after graduation off! The smartest decision you can make is to register for school and start right away in the summer. You will have all the time in the world to have fun and be an adult. Get school out of the way now and by the time you're 19yrs old you'll be done and working in your profession and building a future. Taking the year off you will lose sight of your goals and school will no longer be a priority. You may get yourself into a situation that becomes a new priority because you have to think of someone else. Trust me, you will regret your decision later in life if you choose not to go and hopefuly when the time comes your obstacles won't be larger and more difficult to overcome. In 11yrs you will be an established cosmetologist with a great and brighter future ahead of you! Don't stop now, keep your momentum, and stay motivated. You can do it!


If I could go back, I would tell myself to stop procrastinating. During my senior year I took my sweet time to settle on the school that I would attend in the fall. When I finally chose Augustana in mid-May, it was too late to get involved in a lot of great things that at the time I didn't think would be important to me, but now I miss a lot. I didn't apply for the Civitas honors program. I also didn't try to get involved in any of the sports here. I didn't think I would miss playing volleyball or being part of the track team, but now I miss team sports more than I miss anything. If I could go back, I'd say "Self, get it together. Find out what it takes to try out for the volleyball or track team. Apply for Civitas. You have nothing to lose!"


If I could go back into time and talk to my high school Senior self I would tell him "You have a long road ahead of you," and "to be successful in college you have to WANT to be there." You need to be motivated and have a drive to succeed. I did not have these qualities when I first started my college career back in Fall of 2007, I was flunking classes and eventually dropped out in 2009, which i know know was not the best of choices. Now I am paying the price financially and academically. I have to pay for my next couple of semesters out of my own pocket. My grades and GPA have much improved, but it is hard to get scholarships because my transcripts alone are red flags to most scholarship committees. So if I could go back I would tell myself, “You deserve more in life than what you think you do. Do not settle for what is given to you, you have to strive for more. It’s going to take hard work and determination to get where you want to be, it will all be worth it in the end."


The most important advice I would give myself is, to be prepared for change. I would tell myself to take things as they come and don't plan too far ahead. I would tell myself that freshman year was the worst year of my life, but completely worth it. I would tell myself that the first year wasn't about learning the material from class, but about learning how to get by in college and how to adapt to changes. College is a learning experience, but it is not the class material that is the most important thing to take away from is the friends, the ability to succeed in anything the professors throw your way, the ability to prioritize, the abiliy to adapt, the ability to overcome obstacles, and the ability to grow as an individual (spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally).


I would give myself the advices - to try hard to get high GPA - to prepare myself to be a fast reader - to know many English vocabularies for writing - to prepare my resume for part time job during college life & - to manage time


i would tell myself to work harder and get more scholarship money for school also to be ready for some hard days ahead of me.


My college transition was quite the shell shock. I left California in January 2004 to a very chilly winter in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at Augustana College. What a change! If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that the transition may be difficult at first, but would turn around and become a very positive experience. Based on that positive experience, I would advise myself to spend less time on the computer with my headphones on. Instead spend more time talking with my parents about their experiences at college as they went to Augustana as well. Knowing more about my surroundings and my community has always helped me appreciate the moment. So my advice to myself would be to make an effort and meet new people, learn more about the area, and learn more about myself. Being new is never easy, but it is how you handle yourself that makes an impression on others. Don't hesitate to be yourself. Don't be afraid to ask questions. College is an exciting opportunity to grow as an individual. That'd be my advice to myself.


Knowing what I know now about college I would tell my high school self to enjoy the high school years. To have fun with friends and learn how to make relationships work, along with doing well in school. In high school I was focused on school work and had very few social skills. I was shy and awkward and had no friends in school. I didn’t know what college would be like or what it took to get into school. I didn’t very much outside of school and experienced little. When I graduated high school my life changed dramatically. I had a terrible family incident and tried to adjust to that while attending my 2nd year of community college, (I attending running start the previous year). I ended up dropping out of school and for the first time I began to socialize with people. I spent the next 5 years finding out what friendship was and dated for the first time. I feel like if I had learned those skills and spent some of my high school years having fun then I would have been more ready for what the world is like outside of home.


The most important advice that I would give myself is to be able to manage my social time with my school work time. I would have to say that I had really good study habits while I was in school, but another important advice I would of given myself would of been to read more. There is so much reading in college that I feel is overwhelming sometimes and if I would of taken the time to read more in high school I probably would not mind reading as much in college. Another tip I would have given myself would to be more open-minded with activities and school related events. Being so closed-minded all the time, allowed me to miss some of the fun experiences of college. From all of the advice that I would of given myself, the most important advice are managing time, reading skills, and most of all being open-minded.


I would tell myself to work on my study habits and lessen my dependency on distractions like Facebook and Xbox. In high school, I hardly ever studied and the adjustment to college classes was very tough. I would tell myself that college is not only as tough as I thought it was, but tougher. I thought I would easily adjust to the work load that I would receive, but I underestimated the challenges that laid before me. Also, I would tell myself to stop using Facebook as much. As I progressed through my freshman year of college, I slowly learned that lessening my use of Facebook greatly improved my productivity and I could get a lot more homework done! Another thing that I would tell myself would be to stop playing video games so much, and cut down to just the weekends. My grades in college improved by leaps and bounds as soon as I cut my video game time to just the weekends. I would also tell myself to not worry about the roommate situation, because I got a good roommate and all my friends are awesome!


Rose, pay attention! It is very important to get the most out of your education now! Never mind boys or fear of your future. No one can create your life but You. College will be better than High School, you can determine your own areas of study and the hours you attend classes. You will love college, it's very exciting and great for your self confidence and self-esteem. Go for it!


Dear Alicia, Please work really hard no matter what happens. Hard work is what will get you some where in the long road. Don't ever quit. Also don't wait to go to school. Taking so much time off before college, makes it really hard to get back into the groove of things. Although; It definetly makes you work so much harder. I care more now about my education now than I even have before. Make friends with good study partners because they really come in handy later, especially when you need someone to help motivate you to get it done. Not to mention having someone to share some of the stressful moments (the day before a test, the day you get your test back and all the in between) with definitly will make you feel better. More that anything else give it all you got!


I have learned alot about growing up this year. Not enough but alot. I would tell myself to start paying more attention to my own life. Learn how to organize my own time. Understand what I have got to get done and what I want to get done and make it all happen. Juggling everything is hard. We dont realize that while mom is in charge, but it is. I would put more thoughts into everything. Think more about what comes next, or if there is going to be enough time? Scheduling classes, and work, and football practice, lifting, working and work study has proven to be very challenging. I wish I had paid more attention to all of those things my mom always told me to think about. I have to say it, "Pay attention to mom!!"


I would tell myself that it's ok to fail. College isn't for everyone which is ok but once you make it through I think i'll feel fully rewarded. Sometimes it's hard to adjust not only are you alone without your parents so you are basicallly on your own but the school work will be like nothing you've ever seen. Sometimes the pressure will get to you and you'll break down and fall behind but as long as you keep working hard you will be successful. My first semester of college was not me best academic year, in fact it was my worst ever but this semester I have done much better. The only reason I learned this was because I had "failed" first semester but I got back on track. People say you need to study and work hard and you hear that over and over but the only real way to learn it is to experience the failure and that's ok. You have to push forward though because it will pay off if you work at it.


make sure you know what is expected out of you for that college. Beaware of everything you need to do to maintain scholarships that you have recieved. Socialize and get to know people, build a support system for yourself, in case things get tough or if you want a break from your studies. Professors are your friends, don't be afriand to visit them during their office hours to ask a question abou class or have them look over a paper that you have written. No one wants to see you fail, the only person that is stopping you from secceeding is yourself. Do not be afriad to say NO to your friends and say YES to studying, there will be other oppurtunities to go out with your friends.


My college experience has exposed me to so many things that I do not think I would have ever experienced had I opted to forgo college. Living in the dorms for the past two years has allowed me to meet hundreds of great people; many of them who I feel will be my lifelong friends. There are so many activities to get involved in and there is literally something for everyone. There is the Democrat and Republican clubs, intramural sports, and associations for each major. They are great ways to network with many diverse people and create connections that will carry on to life past college. Attending sporting events that go on many times during the week promote a sense of school pride and bring everyone together to support our teams. Parties are not the only social events during the evenings so students who do not want to be in that type of environment have a variety of activity options. Various clubs sponsor movie nights or bring in musicians and comedians almost every night of the week. Attending these gatherings help form friendships where people can bond over mutual interests. I would not trade my college experience for anything


You know the saying “it’s a small world?” Well, that is true now. No, the world is not decreasing in size, technology is merely wrapping the human race in a closer connected (wireless) bond. This new global connection is exactly what college is preparing students for. Not only is college a great social experience, or a place that will set one up with a job, it is a place that will teach one of the world outside the classroom. Whether in politics, economics, biology, or giving students opportunities to travel abroad, college is preparing students for the new "connected" world. Understanding cultures outside of one’s own is important for the coming generations for the fact that it is more likely that students will work with someone who comes from a different background then their own. Giving students an opportunity to study abroad so they can experience other cultures is exactly what colleges, like my own, are setting as a priority. As the world moves towards a more integrated society, incorporating other cultures into one’s study is irreplaceable knowledge that makes college essential to attend.


Since I've started college back in Clermont Florida I've felt that it was an amazing experience. The Professors didn't treat us like small children, and my favorite Professor actually helped me choose the degree in which I wish to pursue. However, since I started my college experience at the beginning of our economic recession my family wasn’t able to afford sending me to a four year college. I feel that I’ve missed part of the experience of being in college due to not being about to live away from home. I hope that I’ll be able to achieve this through some scholarships and work. Besides not feeling like I’ve experienced to true purpose of college due to money issues, my Professor has helped me decide the career path. I’m hoping to transfer into a four year college next semester and work towards a doctoral degree for Archeology. This was the greatest experience I’ve had in college, being able to work towards a career that I’ll love and to fulfill my dreams, having this option is possibly one of the greatest things I could have wished for from college.


I have gotten out of my college expereince the believe in education is the key for the success, there is nothing better for oneself, a group, an organization or a country. Since I was young I have always had the urge to learn about new things. My parents always believed that poor people could never go to college, they always said “the fruit does not fall far away from tree”, which meant that if your family was poor, your life would be just like theirs and there would be no use in hoping for better. They were wrong, from my collge experience, you can change your life, be whoever you wanna be not follow anybody foot steps.


In my three years of college, I received tremendous growth in character, wisdom, and the education in my choice of major. I've also experienced a closer relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Within that experience alone, I've gotten the chance to branch out into the real world and explore the many opportunities that were opened to me. I've gotten to travel to different parts of the country to explore the different cultures of our nation. My attendance in college has become one of my very valuable experiences, because not only have I received growth, but also I've learned who I am as an individual.


From college I have been able to learn the importance of being part of a team. I currently play for the college tennis team, where we have been practicing together for the past 5 months in order to prepare for the season. Over these 5 months I have experienced the type of devotion and compatibility that must be mantained to create a positive working environment. The role models of the team are able to challenge us all with their outstanding work ethic and positive encouragement. Other members of the team bring the competition by constantly striving to improve. I believe that the true definition of a team is a community that works together not only to achieve a goal, but to make each other better. Without support like this, we would not be at the level of play that we are at today. I plan to carry over these values into my schoolwork and future career. Teamwork is the missing link that many companies fail to notice, and I plan to incorporate the positive aura that teamwork creates into many of the challenges that I will face.


What I have learned from college is to enjoy life and be more open and outgoing. Yes school is very important and that is very apparent here but also there are things on campus to do from swing and ball room dancing to movies to toga dances. There are so many things to do which is nice because you work so hard at school it's necessary to have balance in your life. I never thought I would take swing dancing lessons and it was a blast. I'm so glad I did it otherwise I would've missed out on something I actually like. Without all the activities promoted by the school I would probably sit in my room and study all day and night but now I'm brave enough to try different things which has helped me figure out who I am.


My freshman year college experience has been challenging. Entering a new environment and struggling to find a place, I have stumbled on a part of me that I did not know existed. Deep within my old high school self, I found a strong, confident young woman who cares deeply about the society we live in. The Augustana Library housed my journey to self discovery. Picking up book after book from the shelf, I began to explore parts of the world I had only seen vaguely in passing. The worlds ails have become my ails. Through exploring the world through books and the broad reaching liberal arts education, I found the woman I hope to become: a social worker. Yet, the question could be begged, why attend a liberal arts college to discover yourself. My answer is the journey to self discovery is like a hero's question. There will be times when you need help and guidance or times you desend into a dark place. In the liberal arts environment you are surrounded with other students experiencing the same things you are. My exerience has been incredible.


What I have gain from my college experience so far has been a renewed thirst for learning and confidence in myself. Going to class every day and learning new things, as well as the details to things that were skimmed over in high school has sparked much curiosity in me throughout the past few months. I want to learn more and more about the things my professors teach, and have started to do outside research on subjects that really catch my attention to gain more knowledge. I have been putting my fullest effort into understanding the new concepts that are being presented to me, and the more I understand, the more I want to learn. I feel more confident than ever now that I have been putting in hard work and it has been paying off. By doing well in school, and becoming a more aware and knowledgeable person, I feel more confident in myself when faced with challenges. College has lead to numerous obstacles and challenges, and by overcoming them I now am more confident in my abilities to overcome obstacles that may still arise.


Attending college has helped me to learn who I am and who I want to become. Being in a college setting is especially helpful in finding oneself because everyone is in the same situation and willing to help each other. Whereas if I had gone straight to the work force and been trying to find a life path I might have rushed my decisions and felt pressured into deciding something that was wrong for me.


Since this past September college has been an amazing experience for me. I attended Berkeley College in Manhattan, NY for my semester but could not continue at Berkeley due to the financial aspect of it. I am now attending a community college in upstate Orange County New York. I finished my first semester with a 3.8 G.P.A. I gave it the best I could and did whatever I had to do to prove to myself and no one else that I can achieve the ups and downs of college. I have to admit it was tough and I did struggle with many things but it is something that I would not trade for anything else. It has taught me to present myself as the person I always have been but never had the guts to be. I have proven to myself so many things and will continue to make myself and my family proud.


Going off to college has not only taught me more book wise but maturirty wise. I have seen a growth in my maturity level and I know what I want out of my life and college experience. I had a rough beginning to college because I went to a Cal state that I did not feel was the right fit for me. While there I learned who I was and what I truly want. I am now attending at Junior college, while in the process of applying for other Universities.


While attending college I have gained a numerous amount of experience in 'life'. I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge in social skills and how this is applied to everyone's working environment and how it develops into success. The other most important thing I have learned while attending college is how every subject one studies can be related to another seemingly unrelated subject or topic.


College is an experience like no other. You literally GROW UP. There's no more bells to tell you when to go to the next class and you set up your schedule; you are basically in charge. However, I didn't work hard my first year of college. To be completely honest, I didn't even try to go to class or get my work done on time. I thought that I was this big shot who didn't need to listen to "boring" lectures from monotoned teachers. But, I was wrong. The moment I realized I needed college and an education was during the summer of 2010 when I was 3 months pregnant. I thought to myself, "Do I want my child to suffer knowing that I didn't work hard for an education? That maybe later on if life, I cost myself the most important thing in the world?" My answer was "No." The reason why attending college has become so valuable is because I not only have to do this for myself, but for my son. I want him to be proud of me when he grows up, and I too, want to be proud of myself.


From my experiences at community college, I've observed the subtle decline of humanity. As eager high schoolers have been subjected to four years of fermentation within one enclosed institution, forced to endure spoonfed information and statewide testing, they are urged to pursue secondary education. Never before have I been allowed to observe my demographic in action outside of the constricting HS environment. The majority of my classmates have decided to pursue self destruction: skipping classes, drinking to excess, and remaining highly unmotivated during the point in their lives that will most affect their futures. One fateful day on campus, while others were mesmerized by free energy drinks, I realized that I cannot allow my college experience to be trivialized by marketing campaigns and caffeine stimulants. I've learned that I value my education above intoxication, and wish only to pursue it to the highest degree. I've learned to remain engaged and aware regardless of my socially inebriated company. I will be transferring out of my CC this January to attend a four year university, where hopefully my peers will value the incredible opportunity that too many are unable to experience. The world needs more thoughtful individuals.


My first semester at Augustana has been a learning experience. The course content not only challeneged me; it fascinated me. During the past months I have been pushed, probed, and captivated. I surprised myself in my abilities to be pushed to my limits and come out on top. Augustana has provided me with a renewed ambition and desire to learn. My desire to learn goes beyond just career preparation, I value the education I am receiving at this school and am eager to continue this journey. Another important aspect about Augustana College is the professor/student relationship. I am more than just a number in the classroom. I am a student that the professor wants to get to know and help succeed. I am not just another student, I am a part of this collegiate community. There is a sense of belonging and community at Augustana College throughout all the students and professors. They are my family. Thanks you for your consideration, Tabitha Sanderson

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