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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The most significant thing that I have gotten out of my college experience so far has definately been the opportunity to do research over the summer. This opportunity has been overwhelmingly valuable because it has given me the skills, cofidence, and inspiration to go into a career in research to solve our world's most interesting and difficult biological problems, and I haven't even graduated yet. With two and a half years left, I eagerly look forward to what else my college experience has in store for me.


The experiences that I have gained and the people that have come into my life are what I have gotten out of my college experience and why it has been valuable for me to attend. By working my way up to a leadership spot on my on-campus job I have gained the experience that gives me the confidence to be in charge of others and working through different situations that occur. The people that have come into my life such as the positive role models I have found in my advisor and other professors have such a positive influence in my life and help me with deciding what classes I should take and reinforce that the faculty at college really cares about who I am as a person. My friends, co-workers and other peers are highly valued to me. They have inspired me to be a better person and to try my hardest in everything that I do in life. There are also there when I need someone to talk to or hang out to take a break from school. Getting these two things out of my college experience is why is has been valuable to attend.


Through attending Augustana College, I have been presented with opportunities vast. I have gotten the chance to do research in the chemistry lab with our NMR instrument, something that if I were going to a different school, I would not even be able to dream of having the chance to do. I have gotten to know my professors and vice versa – something that I thought was virtually impossible. Being at a small college, the professor’s doors are always open and you can just walk in, you don’t need an appointment. This way, the professors can get to know you as an individual, not just as a number. Being at Augie, I have made connections that I had no idea even existed. I’ve been opened to the world and have had opportunity upon opportunity thrown at me. There is definitely no time to be bored at school, there is so much to do and so much to experience! I am so privileged to be able to attend Augie, the people and the professors are absolutely amazing and want nothing more than to see you succeed and being in an environment like that is a recipe for success.


At Augustana, I'm more connected with people. My friends became my second family. I learned to rely on them at the same time I learned to independently take care of myself. I formed my own religious family and my theatre family. College connects me with people and gives my life meaning. In classes, I have improved my writing skills and opened my mind to new ways of thinking. I am building contacts with my peers and professors and learning to network. College is making my dreams a reality and my future dreams of being a professional writer are within reach. Augustana College will do its best to make sure I succeed in my career path. Augustana affirms that I am a special individual. I can't walk across campus without smiling and waving at friends, professors, and aquaintances. The custodial and cafeteria staff know who I am and my professors know my name and my likes and dislikes. The people at Augustana want me to succeed. With my connections of professors and friends, I will suceed in my career path. With my friends, I will have fun and relationships that will last me a lifetime.


The most valued parts of my college experience was the education and the networking. The education and classes I had as an art major were very thorough and inforrmative. I already had the a good bit of experience with drawing and a little knowledge of art history, but the schools I attended (Savannah College of Art & Design & Trident Technical College) , I believe, propelled me further into my career goals. College networking is very beneficial in any career. The some of the people I've met have called me regarding job opportunities where they thought of me specifically, and it would help me build more much needed expericence for my resume. If I did not have any college experience, I wouldn't be where I am now nor on my current path to a higher education.


With only a limited amount of words to express my thoughts, I would have to say that I've gotten many things out of my college experience. First of all, I've gotten the opportunity to have professors who are experts in their field of study and genuinely care about the success of their students. All of my professors are so dedicated to their work. You can tell it is more of a passion of theirs than just a job. Secondly, I've gained many new friends and have been exposed to so many different people. I've met people from my hometown that I've never come in contact with before, and I've met people from foreign countries. Lastly, because of transferring to Augustana College, I was able to get a part-time job at an elementary school after-school program that I absolutely adore! It is such an essential part of my day, going to work and seeing all of my students! I feel that attending college has been valuable because of the experiences I've encountered and because it is preparing me and getting me ready for my future as an elementary school teacher.


I have attended college for a year and a half now. In this time I have not only received a well-rounded education, but a better sense of who I am. Augustana has given me the education that I believe will help me achieve my future career. It has great professors, challenging courses, and topics that I find truly intriguing. Along with my phenomenal education, I have received a better understanding of who I am. College is the first time away from your parents where you can be who you truly want to be. College gave me an outlet to express who I am in my class, extra-curricular activities, and social life. I was able to join a number of extra-curricular activities that helped me realize what is truly important. I joined two organizations: Augie-Green, an organization aimed at making the campus more eco-friendly, and the Gay Straight alliance which is an organization aimed at promoting diversity and understanding on Augie’s campus. This work helped me realize that I want to be a lawyer so I can help the less fortunate and oppressed in life. Overall, Augustana has given me a better understanding of myself.


College is not just about the studies, it's about life. Who knew that there was more to history than just facts and figures or that the Lutheran Reformation was so interesting? Besides sparking an interest in these subjects I am fascinated how a government course can be connected to a religion course, which can be related to a history course, and so on. I found out that tackling people in a rugby game is fun and that jumping out of a plane is amazing. I found my best friend, learned how much my family means to me (especially when I don't see them for months at a time), and realized how much life costs. In short, college has been valuable to me because it taught me about life. There is so much more than just getting a degree so I can get a job. I would have never gained the knowledge or experienced the things that I have without college. When I am old and decrepit, I will be remember the people I met, the places I had gone, the experiences I had, and how I grew as a person. In short, college taught me to live.


I have matured into a young man throughout my college experience. Learning to balance a rigorous academic regimen (double major, business, and psychology) and a competitive Division II wrestling schedule was not easy. This busy schedule made me work that much harder in the classroom and on the wrestling mats. I am a four time academic All-American, and a two time national qualifier. I am confident that I am ready for post-graduate life. Throughout my college experience, I have had the chance to travel the country with the wrestling team, and compete on an NCAA National Runner-up team in 2010. Along with wrestling, I also had the experience of being a first time home buyer and a landlord. By the time I graduate college, I will already have three years of house payments completed on my mortgage. I have also had the opportunity to listen to very influential people talk on our campus such as: Madeline Albright, Al Gore, Jane Goodall and Maya Angelou. I also had a great experience with my internship at BrightPlanet where I got to meet one of our board of directors, Admiral John Poindexter (national security advisor for the Reagan administration).


I've learned so much in this past year and half in my community college. I've met people from all over the globe, I've seen so many different perspectives and values; values which I've come to respect. I have gotten the chance to express my ideas and beliefs in ways I didn't even know I could. But most importantly, what I've gotten was this: knowledge. To me, this was my most powerful tool given to me.


It has been valuable to attend college because it has helped me understand the value of life and realize who I truly am as an individual. It was not until I was pushed to my limits that I saw what I was capable of doing. With the support from professors and the friends I have met here, I have reached goals I never thought was possible. They have also helped me to understand that life is too short to sit and wait for someone else to make the change I wish to see in the world. If I want something to change I must do something about it. The expeiences here at a liberal college has allowed me to experience new activities, strengthen my faith, and strive for my dreams without limits.


I have gotten a lot of valuable things from my college experience, though I believe that I possibly would have gotten more having not gone to Augustana. I was able to learn a lot about people studying religion and now am learning a lot about the "real world" by studying the practical and unbelievably useful elements of business administration. My professors have been very engaging and dedicated to their area of knowledge which has helped pique my interest as a student. I believe that the liberal arts emphasis of Augustana will be very beneficial in a job situation as I will be more prepared for any task assignment as I have more of a broad knowledge base. Though I believe the career advising at Augustana needs to be enhanced, I do believe that I will be able to more easily prove to a future employer my capability and proficiency because of the value of my classes. When I do get my foot in the door for a job, I know that I will have everything it takes to succeed because of my education.


As a sophomore at Augustana, I have gotten a lot out of the one and a half years I have had the opportunity to attend this college. Not only have I been challeged academically, but because it is a private college that differs from my own personal faith, I have been challeged spiritually as well. As I attend a liberal arts college I have learned to keep an open mind through all my classes, and have really been allowed to explore and question things that I am being taught. I have also learned that when things don't always go your way, perseverance is important. As a collegiate athlete it has been difficult to balance my time between academics, soccer, and the social aspect of college. But, majority of my friends are on my soccer team, and these friendships will last long into the future. The Augustana community is looked highly upon throughout the region and will allow me to get a great job in the medical field once I graduate. Attending Augustana has allowed me to become a well rounded individual so that I can positively impact others as I go on to a future career.


I have learned to organize my time and the importance of not procrastinating. I also feel that I have mastered research tools, writing papers, and public speaking, as well. My view of the world has changed since I have been in college. I'm less self-centered, and care for the world. I vote, recycle, volunteer, and do what I'm capable of to help my society become more rich. I was ignorant before I came to Augustana but now I'm educated, and have discovered what the world is and has to offer. I want to share my knowledge with the rest of the world, and I have a thirst to keep learning about the world I live in.


My college experience has given me maturity and logic in way I didnt realize I had. Though I am changing majors and colleges, I dont regret my decision to attend FIDM in the slightest. I have learned to survive on my own in a unknown environment, and how to take care of not only myself, but others around me. I am now strong, independant, and vibrant. My creative abilities have been hightened beyond measure, and that is something I can take with me anywhere. There is nothing I cant achieve or succeed at. This college experience has been wonderful and so much more then I could have ever imagined. The most important thing I learned while at FIDM, is that dreams are reachable. No matter how scary or impossible they feel. The sky is the limit.


I remember growing up hearing the phrase, “College years are the best years of your life!” After finishing my first year of college and now well into my sophomore year, I realize what everyone is talking about! The people I have met, the friends I have made, and the education I am receiving is well beyond anything I could have imaged. I feel going to a liberal arts college has helped strengthen and form who I am as an individual. I am constantly being challenged and pushed to the next level as a student and as a member of the community. It’s in the moments of struggle and stress that a person realizes what they can endure and achieve. College has provided the tools for me to succeed by helping me learn to think critically, form life-long friendships, and cease new opportunities. Already, as a sophomore, I have gained so much from my school experience. I can hardly fathom the opportunities that have yet to come, the knowledge that has yet to be acquired, and the memories that have yet to be made.


My experience attending College has helped open up a whole new world to me. I was floating along in life working as a seasonal worker in National Parks and not really caring about where i was going or heading in life. I kept saying to myself that i was not meant for college. Well, 2 years ago i met my wife and she has changed my whole outlook on education and on what i can accomplish. Starting college for me was scary. I had been out of the education side of life for so long. I entered college at 31 years of age. All of my friends had been done since they were 23 or 24. So i am 8 years behind everyone else in my life. What i have gained in being in College is a sense of self worth, that i can be someone of importance someday. I may not be a head of a company or change millions of lives, but i know that with the education i am getting, that i will be able to change and maybe make some mark on the world in a good way.


Upon attendence to Augustana College, I would consider myself a bit immature. Just as most high school seniors are, I had no idea of what the "real world" was all about. I came to a religious based, private school with the idea that college consisted of what was portrayed in the movies: drinking, partying, and girls. How wrong I was. After the first month, I realized that school and faith was much more important than any good time that could be had between the hours of 3:00 PM Friday afternoon and 9:00 Sunday morning. I developed a relationship with my parents that words alone cannot describe. I learned a lot about myself as a person, my strenghts and weaknesses. I because more family oriented not only with my family, but with Christ's family as well. I quit living only for the weekends, opened my eyes, and began to take in my surroundings. Along with all of that, I found out what a tredmill was, lost 40 pounds, and began eating healthier. All of this can be attributed to Augustana College and its amazing community.


I am attending a liberal arts college, meaning, I take classes in all fields of study, not just in my intended major. This, I believe, has given me great strength and knowledge to accept and realize that the music education major I am striving for is the right decision. Taking courses that span the map give me a sense of personality, understanding, and intelligence, and I feel smarter for having a good grasp on all types of knowledge, not just how to teach music. I can use my writing skills outside of school, my communication and philosphy skills outside of school, my science and history knowledge outside of school, and I can definitely use my knowledge and skill of music, outside of school.


I am finding that my college experience is valuable because of the recession we are currently in. My parents both work. However, my father is our primary "breadwinner". He builds and remodels homes. However, due to the decrease in jobs in our area this area of work is not producing much of an income. Our county consist mainly of lumber and paper mills. Both of which have been decreasing, terminating jobs and even shutting their business' completely. The ripple effect this has had on everyone from producers and suppliers to contractors and people simply trying to survive has become a problem. If no other good has come out of this, my understanding the importance of a good college education has. Most of the people with what seems to be steady jobs here are in education, medical, or court fields. I am beginning to focus in on the different degrees in education. Please consider me for this scholarship. I am trying to help my parents pay for my college to lessen their stress and worry as well as build my future.


Augustana College places a high value on community. When I came here, I expected to maybe find a few close friends. Instead, I have met some of the best people I know-- and the college has given me the tools to realize who is in my true community. My community includes everyone around me; my friends and teachers, the people of Sioux Falls, and my neighbors around the world. Coming to Augie has given me a more enriched world view and has allowed me to look at the world from different perspectives. Where Augustana lacks in size, it makes up for in heart. The students here care about each other and the world around them, and that's one value that I will take with me for the rest of my life.


I have found myself and my lifelong goals. I went into college not sure of what I wanted to do with my life, but through the classes and career help I was able to narrow my options and choose an educational path that is both engaging and fun for me. I have also found some lifelong friends at college from varying backgrounds and from different majors. They have introduced me to many activities that I now find the most enjoyable and wish I would have known about sooner. I believe my college experience has changed me into the person I am now, and I've definitely matured at college and accepted myself and others more than I ever have in the past. It has brought me closer to others and closer to myself.


If I could send a message back to my graduation, I would tell myself to take more chances. As the classic overachiever, I spent my early college years playing it safe: keeping my nose clean, attending a school close to home, studying topics I already knew, taking classes from teachers who shared my strongly conservative values. I avoided many opportunities to grow by keeping my boundaries small, afraid of where rejection, uncertainty, or failure might lead. It's been thirteen years since I graduated from high school. This fall I will return to college, finishing my degree to expand the margins I should have stretched when I was younger. I wish my teenaged self had realized how many topics are worth exploring and how much you can gain from being rejected. Shaw said that youth is wasted on the young, and as I gain experience I see what he meant; now I know more of the largeness of the world, but three children and a mortgage limit my ability to discover it. The distinctive strengths of youth are best traversed by the young -- once gone, those opportunities are much harder to catch.


Understand the balance between work and fun. Learning this skill is crucial - not only to success in college, but also to the rest of your life. A well-balanced individual is familiar with two nuggets of knowledge: that dedication and hard work are vital to personal success, and that relaxation and strong relationships are necessary in shaping a joy-filled life. Upon reaching college, you will learn quickly that collegiate courses are significantly more difficult than in high school. Don't let your intellectual capabilities go to waste! Set your goals high - soon you'll find yourself reaching them. Remember that studying is work - not leisure. If you approach your work with the right attitude, you'll soon find it rewarding. Many college students try to work at college, and see fun as an irresistable evil. Don't make this mistake! Make conscious decisions to relax, make friends, and enjoy your time Remember that fun should be intentional. With the right attitude, your leisure will enhance your life. Work hard, have fun. Mastering this paradox may not make you all-powerful, but it is one way to help better your college experience and the rest of your life. Good luck!


Given the opportunity to approach my high school self I would love to tell her that no matter what my final college decision is, that I will be happy and find my place in the community wherever I go. In the midst of my senior year I saw my college decision as one of the hardest and most important of my life. I now realize that no matter what my final choice had been, I would have found a place to fit in and be happy with wherever I was. Understanding now how I can make the best of any situation I would remind my high school self that wherever the wind blows me, that I will land in a nice place; the surroundings may vary but I will always be the same person at heart and will find myself in any city, any state, and at any school.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would remind myself that plans change and that this is not a bad thing. It's not that no one has ever told me that plans can change during college, I simply never gave the concept much thought. As a high school senior I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life. However, when I entered college last fall I decided to change my major within the first week of classes. It was kind of a nerve wracking experience, full of uncertainty and anxiety. I had no idea what I might want to go into, but I knew that my current major just wasn't right for me after all. So, I decided to switch to an undeclared major. Here I am now, half way through my freshman year, still undeclared and completely content. I?ve realized that I have time to figure out what I?m interested in pursuing. Though I made it through the transition from "declared" to "undeclared" major it would have been helpful to remember from the start that this change is fairly common for new college students.


College will be the greatest time of your life. You will find lifelong friends here. Your education will take many paths, but you will find your way through it all.


Look for the hidden gems. Augie is a small, private, Liberal-arts college in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (a.k.a. the Middle of Nowhere!), and yet it's arguably one of the best schools in the upper midwest. Over 80% of our students who apply get into medical school, and the Augustana Band and Choir have done international tours in places like China, Tanzania, South Korea, and Spain. A college need not be a huge state university or a famous name in order to provide an outstanding education and experience.


When going to school for undergraduate, do not focus solely on finding your one thing you want to do with your life and beat it to death. Learning how to love to learn is the most important and integral tool you can ever develop. With this college is no longer a chore, but development of who you are. So do not get too caught up in concentrating solely on your major. Figure out a a few fields you'd like, take courses in them as well as from other fields too. By the end of freshman or into sophomore year you should have a feel for what you want and you can go from there. Be diverse in your education, you've got your whole life to do work in your major.


First, look for colleges with academic programs and student activities that interest the student, as well as college and class sizes, religious affiliation, and surrounding population size. Next, tour the campus to get a feel for it and see if it is the right fit. The student should see if they are comfortable and can visualize themselves there. Besides touring, students should talk to professors and current students, and eat in the cafeteria. Once at your campus as a student, it's important to meet new people and get involved, even if doing so feels slightly out of your comfort zone at first. Having a feeling of belonging to an organization, club, or sport can help a new student fit in sooner and feel connected to their college. Having your dorm room door open while you are in it, especially during the first weeks of school, invites other students to stop in, say hi, and make new friends. Form study groups for classes that are tougher or go to designated tutors - students who are smart use tutors in college to keep up with classwork and understand concepts. Finally, balance socializing and schoolwork to make the most of your college experience.


don't worry about the cost. if it is the place you want to go, do it. when you find that right college, you just know. and when you do finally get there in the fall, you feel immediately that you made the right decision; it's a great feeling.


Go to a school with a lot of choices if you have no idea what you want to do. Take several different classes to help you choose a major. If you already have an idea of what you'd like to do, make sure you go to a school with a few different choices for what you're interested in, just in case you change your mind. And if you pick a school for it's major, make sure that you like the campus and connected with the proffessors. Good luck!


While it seems that when you are looking for a college, you have to find "the one" - the one college that will fit you perfectly, in actuality, you will probably have a great college experience at a variety of locations. Yes, you want to find the one that has a good program for your major, a nice campus, and good living situations, but most of the college experience is dependent upon the students. Are they opening themselves up to new people and situations, being responsible with their classes and social life, taking some initiative in their education instead of blindly believing everything their professors say, getting involved on campus so make a difference? Those are the types of things that make the most of a college experience wherever you are.


I would recommend seriously looking at the school before you commit. Stay a weekend, don't just take the word of your tour guide as gospel truth. Take a tour and feel the campus, look at the reputation of the school's program at potential grad schools. Look at the things important to you: community involvement, financial aid, sports...and then be involved in them! Don't rush into a decision on college, and don't decide on one based ont he opinions of anyone but yourself. It is your life, and you will have to live with this decision for the rest of your life. Make it something you will love and which will fit you exactly. There is a college out there for everyone. Interview students who go there and get their real, down to earth impressions of the school. Make your life there worth it by doing the things you love and enjoying your youth.


Just do what feels right.


Parents and students should look together at colleges and when considering a college they should know the area. Students should find a college that is a comfortable distance from their family and friends and also understand what jobs are available in the area. The most important advice I can give is, do not rule out a school because it is private or too expensive. Colleges will work with you and find you as much financial aid and loans as they can. The college you choose reflects the education you will receive and the job opportunities that you will have later.


The best advice I could possibly regarding any part of the college experience, whether it be seeking a college or becoming part of one you have chosen, is to be inquisitive. Asking lots of questions is the best way to find out about what a school is really like. The saying that "there is no such thing as a stupid question" is extremely true when it comes to looking for a college. Ask away! That way, you can learn about what the school has to offer for whatever it is you want to know about (be that money, academics, food, etc). Not only that, but by asking questions, you are beginning the networking process at a school you (or your child) may very well end up attending. You are meeting new people, and connecting. One of my best friends I met when I was a high school student coming to a visit day at my school. By asking questions, you are gaining information, creating networks, and maybe even forging new bonds with other people heading in the same direction as you in life. What better way to find the right college for you?


Take your time, it is a long commitment and none of it should be taken lightly. This is an important choice to make. Money is important and shouldn't be overlooked. But don't forget that fitting in is important if you expect yourself or you child to want to make it though these years. Never give up!


This is a perfect college. The profs are the best! They are very helpful and understanding. They really do care about each student and go out of their way to help.


Most colleges are notable for different programs that they offer. Know which schools in your area are notable for what programs and decide whether these match up with your interests. It is best to think ahead and go to a college that is known for its program in the area you wish to study. This both ensures a better chance of finding a job after college (as more places will want to hire you) and/or allows you to be noticed by Grad schools which will offer you internships, and, in many cases, free schooling. Money is always an issue, but if you got to a school known for its program in your area, you are likely to get back many times more after schooling what you put in before and during.


The most important and valuable experience I had during my first two years at college were distance related. I would advise parents to encourage their son or daughter to choose a college far enough away that driving home is something left for extended school breaks. College is a transition period. As difficult as it is for some parents to have that separation from their child, and as reluctant as some students are to leave the place they grew up, learning to rely on oneself is priceless. Keeping the safety button of "home" at a distance allows students to enhance their creativity. It allows them to become immersed in a new environment. Equally as valuable as the distance, is the sometimes frightening concept of not knowing anyone. I see too many students at my school who are still friends with their high school chums. This is not a bad thing, but it deters the growth of social skills and dampens the desire to branch out and throw oneself into new situations in the future that could bring ultimate benefit and experience to the student. Comfort is a worthy thing, but learning how to create comfort is even more worthwhile.


When searching for a college, simply use your gut instinct. Sure, money, location, and other characteristics of the school/campus will influence a final decision, but make sure that you know it "feels right". If you can visualize yourself there, most likely it will be a great choice. Plan an overnight stay and attend classes to get the overall feel of the campus. Also, go during the week when students are on campus so you get the vibe of the student body.


College is a time of self-discovery, learning, and making connections. When searching for your college, it is important that you go somewhere you can call home. It is essential to feel at home at your educational institution. Your college is the place where you will grow and learn, and therefore it is important to know that your college will provide you with the opportunities needed to prepare you for your future. When you begin your time at college, it is important to get involved in activites that interest you. It is through these activities that you will meet your friends and will establish connections with the community. Take classes that challenge and stretch your ability to learn and your desire to discover new talents. As long as you enjoy your time in college, you will get the most out of your college experience.


Expensive schools are usually good schools!


Look for a place that is YOU!


Finding the right college can cause angst for many people. They wonder, how will I find my fit? What if I choose the wrong school? Selecting a college is actually quite simple. All you need to keep in mind is yourself. Not in a conceited manner, but you need to realize what you like, dislike, who you enjoy being around, and how open you are to new and foreign experiences. If you enjoy the students, facutly and staff, the buildings, dorms, and city, then you're headed in the right direction. For me, the overall atmosphere reeled me in--a combination of all of these things plus location and size. Sure, money plays a huge role in your decision too, but if you look into different scholarship opportunities, find a job, and talk with the school, any dream is possible. Making the most of your college experience means getting involved with activities/groups you enjoy (so, in-turn meeting people like you), getting adequate sleep and exercise, and being open-minded. College is the perfect time to test your limits, try new things, and really find out who you are as an individual. Study hard, of course, but live life!


The advice I would give is to never let money be a factor in what school they choose. It's all about finding the right school for them. The college that they pick needs to be the best environment for the student to learn while having fun at the same time. The college experience can be amazing but stressful, and when the student finds the right school they will be able to figure out when they work best, and under what conditions they work best in. College, if the right one is found, is an amazing place that allows you to figure out so much about yourself and should not be taken for granted.


Visit not just once, but many times. Sit in on a class and spend a night in a dorm. Also, really hammer out what financial aid the incoming student would get, not just what they could get or what is avialable.


Life is what you make it! Have an open mind and remember to have fun.


Think about what you enjoy doing and pursue that. Find a college that has similar views to you and that is where you will excell the most.

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