Augustana University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


You are required to live in the dorms for the first three years.


The most frustrating thing about my school is, if you're an athlete, feeling like the sport and coaching staff owns you. They expect you to live, breathe, and eat your sport, and you simply can't. If you're not an athlete, the most frustrating thing is feeling like you're back in high school. The population is so small that there is a lot of gossip and judgemental people. Everyone knows each other's business and is very critical about it.


Right now the most frustrating thing is finding financial aid and scholarships to go study abroad.


While I am tempted to echo my answer to the previous question here, I must say the thing I find most frustrating about a college--and I have unofortunately encountered it here--is when a professor seems to be going through the motions in his or her class, as if he or she does not care anymore. I take learning very seriously and I believing not caring is the worst sin any person who is a teacher may commit.


Upper class housing. There are not enough apartments avaliable for those who want to stay on campus there junior and senior year.


I think the ratio of girls to guys is frustrating. Also, some of the groups are very segregated.


The most fustrating thing is being on top of your grades and getting the GPA that you need and balacing school with friends and trying to maintain sanity.


Should have more parking in the campus dorm parking lots. Food in the cafeteria gets repetitive throughout the year.


The most frustrating issue is the lack of resources. Although I believe that the small private liberal arts education is the way to go, we just do not get the funding that the state schools are awarded. The sacrifices are made all over the board in order to keep the institution running properly. We do not have the state of the art athletic facilities, enormous libraries, or comfortable living spaces like many of the bigger schools can fund. This obstacle has taught me how to live simply and to be grateful for what we do have.


Since the school is small there are not as many student-lead groups/organizations to be involved with, since there are less students to lead them. I think the most frustrating thing about it is that I know things I wish there were groups for like dancing, but they're not available except at certain times.


Though Augustana is a small school, there are a lot of activities to become involved in. This is great, but also makes it easy to become overly involved and find yourself becoming too busy, lacking time to focus on your studies. I encourage you to get involved, because it is a lot of fun. But know your limitations. You don't want to be overwhelmed!


student can easily fall between the cracks without anyone noticing. the classes and work load are very difficult and its easy to drown yourself. and a lot of people have money, show it, and flaunt it to everyone. the weekend is all about drinking and sex.


Sometimes the girls are all so superficial. Who wants to wear that much makeup to class?!


Elegibility for programs and specific classes. Students situations are not take in to acount.


Money going towards althetics and not towards new classroom buildings and dorms.

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