Augustana University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Augustana College is the size. It is a small school that embodies a committment to community and sesrvice. Living on campus enables students to develop a sense of community and build lifelong relationships with their peers. Students are able to develop relationships with professors that inspires collaboration.


The best thing about Augustana College is the variety/diversity of students that it brings in. There are students from about 13 different states and students from about 36 different countries. Yes, you heard me, THIRTY-SIX different countries. Also, since it is a liberal arts school, Augie has many artsy students, but the successful athletic program brings in great athletes too. I have met so many amazing people from such different background and have learned so much about myself as a result.


In my opinion, the best part about my school are the study abroad opportunities. Augustana provides programs that allow students to go almost anywhere. I have wanted to go to Ireland for as long as I can remember, and because I go to Augie, I may have the opportunity to spend an entire school year there. I think immersing yourself in a different culture for a fairly long period of time is imortant as it provides a whole new way to look at the world and the people in it.


The best thing about Augustana College is what I listed for why it's unique. Its excellent placement rate for jobs and Graduate school are going to set me up for success in my job search after graduation. It is a widely recognized school and many employers see an education at Augustana College as an enormous advantage.


I think that the best thing about Augustana College is the incredible sense of community, both with students and professors, on top of the high level of academics. Since the campus is small, everyone is very friendly and gets along well with pretty much everyone else. No matter where you go on campus, you're sure to see at least someone you know, and even if you don't recognize anyone, by the time you leave, you'll have a ton of new friends. Everyone is willing and happy to help out anyone in any way that they can.


I will be a transfer student at Augustana this fall and I am most excited about the size of the school. Coming from a large state school I am psyched to have small classes and really be able to get to know my peers and my professors!


We have a strong community feeling. It's small, only 1,800 students and because of that, everyone seems to know wach other. We're very friendly and have the typical midwest-nice. People wish to see their classmates succeed and we have an overall happy, friendly demeanor between students and faculty.


There's always something to do on Campus, you never get bored.


The best thing about Augustana College is the opportunities they give you; they are endless! Augustana gives you opportunities ranging from things in Sioux Falls to traveling abroad.


I love that it's small, but not too small. It's all about community here.


I love the Bronco Pride and the friendly environment. Makes you feel like you're at home.


The best thing about Augustana College is the community and the the relationships that you form with your fellow students and professors. The Professors are always willing to help you with anything that you have to ask them, there is no dumb question at Augustana. Since the classrooms are small you get a better learning experience because the professor can focus on a small number of students as opposed to large lecture hall classrooms like in some other colleges. Overall Augustana is an amazing college to attend I wouldn't recommend any other college to anyone.


I think the best thing about Augustana is the activities and opportunities they provide on campus. This school recognizes that many students come from far away to attend Augustana. Therefore, the administrators want the school to feel like a second home to the students. Many activites are provided throughout the week by several groups on campus, which are led by students. Even on the weekends, students are not left to fend for themselves but are provided with social gatherings and get-togethers. This creates a sense of welcome at the school because students feel like they belong.


i thought the best thing about augie was the class sizes.


The best thing about my school are the students. Every student at Augustana is warming and welcoming to all students. No one is ever shy to ask someones help or advice on a certain topic; nor is anyone ever scared to ask the wrong question because every student at Augustana will listen and be supportive. I consider the students at Augustana the best thing about our school.


Friendly students and staff. I have felt at home since my first visit here. I have developed friends that are going to always be my friends. "My people" is what my mom calls them. I have found a new home at Augustana and Sioux Falls and the people here are friendly and polite. They say thank you when you open a door and are quick to smile. I love it here.


The best part of Augustana College is the liberal arts education. Because of the academic program, I am able to test out different areas of interest in order to discover my future career path. The liberal arts education also teaches me core values, such as what it means to be a Christian, the importance of community, service to others, and constantly challenging yourself to become better. This program has allowed me to grow out of my box and discover not only a career but the type of person that I am now striving to be.


The professors because they work around your schedule to make sure you get the help you need to succeed even if they have to meet with you everyday. They genuinely want you to succeed in life and usually will help you with anything you need.


It's a small community in a big town. There is a lot of things to do in Sioux Falls, and it has all the stores/resources one would need/want. The students and faculty are very friendly and welcoming. The professors are all very qualified for the classes they teach, and they have very valuabe networks that can greatly benefit students.


The best thing about Augustana is that most of the professors make the subject material very interesting. The experience of college learning here is good, but then the quality dissolves when it comes time to getting a job!


This school is well rounded and very artistically and musically active. There are also many fine arts activities availible in town and around campus.


I think Augustana does a great job of making sure that students will be comfortable in their new surroundings by striving to find a roommate you'll get along with and placing you on a floor with those who have similar interests to yours. I feel so blessed to be living with a great group of girls this year. Having compatibility with those I'm living with has really helped make my transition to college comfortable and easy.


The best thing about Augie is the community. Be open to meeting new people, and be active about pursuing relationships and getting involved. Smile a lot, and leave your door open.


The Community!


The best thing about my school is the personability. The school is a great size. It is not too big or too small, but the adminstration is attentive and the students are able to get to know each other very well.

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