Austin College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Hard working, yet not arrogant person. If you are arrogant, you'll be shut down. If you are hard worker, you'll love this school. Get ready to recognize almost everyone in your graduating class. If you have willingness to open up to new experience, come; the school will show you a whole new world that you have never imagined.


someone driven to leave their mark in the worl and someone who wants to build a relationship with thier professors. It is for people who want to get one on one attention and awesome opportnities to find excllent mentors who want to be very active within a student's life. It is also for people who want to travel and learn from many internships and be able to communicate and depend on alumni who really want to help. Austin college is for people who want to do great things in their lifetime and their college experience furthers that drive.


Some one who is willing to work hard and is very driven. He/she should have a strong desire to learn and do well in the classroom, while preparing for life after college.