Austin College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Austin College is a great school, however I would not recommend it to anyone that is not pursuing a career in the medical field. the majority of the students attending take pride in being devoted to the science field and being a pre-medical student, they know they will change the world. The courses are rigorous and require a good bit of devotion, one must really rise to the challenge. The professors love to get to know their students, however if they do not think a student is right for the subject field, they will bodly say so.


Personally, the most frustrating part of school at Austin College is the financial part. Being from a lower income family, forty thousand a year sounds extremely intimidating. However, they give out a multitude of scholarships each year, coupled with loans, tuition becomes manageable. Any department here that deals with the financial aspect of school is friendly and always willing to help you figure out what plan of action best works for you. Other than financialy the only thing to complain about AC, is it's in Sherman. Despite it being such a tiny town, students still managae to have fun.


The most frustarting thing about the school is due to the fact that class sizes are small you sometimes can't get in to the classes you want. Especially as a freshman. When signing up for classes you have to have a lot of back ups.


It is a little far from a big city


Lack of school spirit.


Sometimes its too small and you need to get away. Sometimes the classwork and pressure to succed is too much. I think sometimes it drives students to depression cause a 3.5 is not good enough here. Huge emphasis on Pre-med the first year and then half of the pre-med switch to other areas cause its too hard.


It is very demanding towards the end of the semester and it is almost imposible to work a part time job (20-30hrs) and keep up your grades.


Getting used to the work load