Austin College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing I have experienced so far is te Greek life at Austin College. All the soroities and fraternities are local chapter and not what you would expect. I came into college thinking that all the fraternities were going to be drunk idiots, on the contrary they were some of the smartest and most welcoming people at AC. Pledging a fraternity has opened me up to new experiences and nwe oppoourtunities I would have never had otherwise. 70 percent of the donors to AC were Greek, that statement alone speaks volumes.


The opportunity for exceptional experience through work study, study abroad and small classes. There was a large amount of cultural diversity and social liberalism.


It's small




Its small enough that you develop a good friend basis. Everyone is friends with everyone or at least knows a good majority of the students here. Its' easy to get involved and help people in the community. THe professors really want to help the students here.


The best thing about school is how easy it is to be involved in various activities, and maintain a heightened level of academic achievement. It allows you to make connections and gain experiences you couldnt at other schools, while still receiving an excellent education.